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Aurox Acquires Largest, Fastest Growing Ethereum Facebook Group

Aurox Acquires Largest, Fastest Growing Ethereum Facebook Group

Three months ago, we made a commitment to Aurox Nation: invest in our marketing efforts and drive attention to — and users of — our all-in-one crypto trading platform.

We are continuing to honor that commitment today with the announcement that Aurox has partnered up with our attorney, Gordon Law, to acquire the Ethereum Facebook Group — the original and the largest Facebook crypto community.

The Ethereum Facebook Group is a community — like all of you — of dedicated crypto enthusiasts. The numbers speak for themselves: 500,000 active members and thousands of new joining the group each and every week. What’s more, Ethereum is here to stay, and as the token grows, so will this group.

That means we now own one of the largest, most active, fastest growing cryptocurrency communities on the market. Beginning immediately, we will introduce the Aurox Terminal to this active community and their engaged members.

Ultimately, this group is going to help us increase revenue and help Aurox grow to unprecedented levels — both through new advertising opportunities and partnerships.

So, if you’re not a member, we hope you’ll join.