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Follow up on KuCoin Delisting


This article aims to provide objective information and allow you to come to your own conclusion. Without access to KuCoin's database, it is impossible for us to be certain without a shadow of a doubt that certain items in this article truly took place.

However, multiple other reasons with clear-cut evidence forced us to delist from Kucoin to protect our company and community.

The blockchain can be pretty difficult to analyze, and we might miss things. If you discover anything not presented in this article, please let us know.


From the very start, our goal with the Aurox Token was to keep a small and tight supply to reward our product users. Instead of minting billions of tokens with an ever-expanding circulating supply, we created a token with a maximum supply of 1 million. We have also remained firm against distributing tokens to anyone for services rendered. To date, all the reserves remain unchanged except the exchange listing reserves.

Almost every token in this space reserves a certain percentage of tokens for exchange listings. Most, if not all, exchanges will ask for tokens as part of the listing contract, or the tokens will be necessary to provide liquidity to the market. We reserved 50,000 Aurox Tokens for this reason.

The Terms

During mid to late 2021, we approached a variety of exchanges to list our token to help our users acquire Aurox Tokens easier than through DEXes.

KuCoin was on top of the list as they're known to be the bridge between DEXes and the tier 1 exchanges. Most small and medium-cap project will begin their process by listing on DEXes, and once there is enough interest, they will attempt to list on KuCoin before graduating to Coinbase, Binance, etc.

KuCoin expressed interest at the end of 2021, but with the USA and Chinese holiday season and our token migration, it wasn't until early 2022 when we were presented with the contract.

Part of the listing terms was to provide them with a certain amount of tokens, as we had expected. We pushed back on this and asked if we could do a cash-only listing.

They said no and would only list us if tokens were involved. They specifically stated that they "liked our project and wanted to be long-term holders."

After several weeks of internal discussion, we countered their requested amount and agreed to provide them with 10,000 tokens vested over 14 months.

We also requested a first right of refusal provision added to the contract. If KuCoin decided to sell the tokens, they would first have to give us the option to buy back them at fair market value.

Unfortunately, we can't provide the contract itself, but it's a simple boilerplate template with the following terms:

  • 10,000 tokens staked and vested over 14 months with the first right of refusal.
  • $200,000 in USDC for a "security deposit" which would be released in 25% increments over the next 2 years, unless we violated the contract.

The Listing

On March 29th, the Aurox Token was listed on KuCoin.

We were excited to complete a significant milestone and set our eyes on Coinbase and Binance exchange listings.

The bear market intensified over the next few months, which caused the Aurox Token transactions and trading volumes across the entire crypto market to dry up. More specifically, DEX volumes for small and medium cap projects were extremely low.

The lower number of on-chain transactions made monitoring the movement of tokens easier, which is when we first noticed something odd.



We need to explain a few key points about arbitrage because it will help you understand some parts of this article.

Arbitrage bots are simple. They will buy tokens on exchangeA for priceX and sell it on exchangeB for a higher priceY.

Unlike algorithmic trading bots, it's extremely rare for an arbitrage bot to "hold" the asset for longer than a few minutes. They do not slowly accumulate assets at a specific prices, and then hope to sell them for a higher price on a different exchange later. They try to trade as quickly as possible to close the spread between the exchanges and make a profit.

The one essential item is that an arbitrage bot has to pay attention to liquidity. Arbitrage can be impossible if the exchanges the bot is arbitraging have significantly different levels of liquidity.

For example, lets assume token price on exchangeA is $5 with very little liquidity. The 10% order book depth is $100, which means buying or selling $100 worth of the token would move the price by 10%.

Whereas exchangeB has a lot of liquidity and price is $5.25. The 10% order book depth is $50,000.

At first look, there seems to be an arbitrage opportunity, but the lack of liquidity on exchangeA makes it difficult or impossible.

If you tried to buy $100 of the token on exchange A, the price would go up by 10%, and your average entry price might be higher than the price of the token on exchangeB ($5.25).

Compared to traditional markets, the liquidity in crypto markets is significantly less. That is why we have seen so many DeFi projects implode when attacked with financial-based hacks, such as large flash loans. It also makes crypto arbitrage a very lucrative field. It's difficult, but without a doubt, lucrative.

The more exchanges a small-cap token is listed on; the more arbitrage can happen as the liquidity is spread thin. A single large order can move the price of a token by several percentage points.

Arbitrage is standard and can be healthy for the market by stabilizing prices across exchanges. Because of that, these transactions are usually overlooked or ignored by the average trader.

These arbitrage transactions are easier to pay attention to during the bear market since there are fewer on-chain transactions. That is when we started to notice withdrawals from KuCoin, primarily by smart contracts, which would then sell on Uniswap.

A typical-looking arbitrage transaction.

However, the Aurox Token liquidity on KuCoin was significantly less than on Uniswap. Here is a screenshot taken on November 13th, 2022.


Although that is a few months after we noticed this issue, the liquidity ratios were similar from the start of the listing until the delisting. We don't have an earlier screenshot, as this is the only one we took when we started gathering more evidence.

As you can see from the screenshot, it would take ~$21,000 in buy or sell volume to move the price by 2% on Uniswap, and less than $100 to move the price by the same amount on KuCoin.

In token amounts, it would take over 1,000 token volume on Uniswap and just 2-3 tokens on KuCoin.

The drastic liquidity difference makes arbitrage somewhat difficult and maybe even impossible when accounting for fees. Yet, daily, these bots were withdrawing dozens, if not hundreds, of tokens from KuCoin and selling them on Uniswap.

In the link below, you can find on-chain transactions of withdrawals from a wallet labeled KuCoin9 from the date of the listing until the end of 2022.


Notice specific transactions are withdrawals from KuCoin to MEV bots, which then sell on Uniswap. It is impossible to know who owns these bots or how they function, but it was apparent that they were constantly selling tokens on Uniswap while withdrawing from KuCoin.

For the matter of transparency, some of these bots also purchased tokens from Uniswap and deposited them on KuCoin. Although much more rarely than the other way around. This is why we never noticed it before; these transactions seemed like everyday arbitrage transactions.

Keep in mind that even though a bot might be both buying and selling, that doesn't mean the bot is a simple arbitrage bot.

One example of an "arbitrage" bot performing more than just arbitrage is market makers (more on this below).

Based on our review, that's what we found. Even though some of these bots were buying from Uniswap here and there, there were multiple things, as discussed earlier, which made us wonder if these bots were performing just arbitrage.


For reference, here are all the KuCoin wallets tagged on Etherscan that have interacted with the Aurox Token.

- KuCoin9
- KuCoin12
- KuCoin15
- KuCoin20
- KuCoin6


We're providing this information as background. It explains why we doubted these transactions were just arbitrage because of our previous discussions with market makers.

This is solely for background information, and we are not stating these transactions were done by market makers. Instead, we're providing some background experience and why we already doubted that these transactions were regular arbitrage.

There are a lot of predatory companies in this industry, which we only realized after we created the Aurox Token. Some market makers fall under that umbrella and pray on new, inexperienced projects. Some of the things they perform isn't too different than from the transactions we saw with these bots.

Market makers are supposed to create a liquid market on both sides of the order book. If the price of an asset is going up, their limit sell orders in the order book will be taken by regular users. If the asset is going down, their limit buy orders will be taken by normal users.

In a perfect world, they are supposed to be a net neutral for the market. They should not force the price up or down based on their orders.

But that's not always the case in crypto.

In crypto, some market makers are known to liquidate tokens they acquired through various means outside of purchasing them from the market. They will create a liquid market and keep price parity across exchanges while also slowly selling tokens and creating negative pressure on the token.

In fact, most market makers will even offer arbitrage as part of their package.

If you were to review their orders, it would look normal. You could only see the whole picture if you reviewed their balances and what price they bought and sold.

We were only made aware of these types of "arrangements" after speaking to some of the top market makers in the industry. It took us a shockingly long time to find and hire market makers who were willing to accept a cash-only deal for their services.

For example, one contract we were offered was to give them 5% of the total supply as a "loan." In reality, it was a predatory option contract that allowed them to either return the 5% at the end of the contract or pay us in stablecoins at a pre-determined strike price.

Let's imagine you provide these market makers 5% or 50,000 tokens at a strike price of $5. By the end of the contract, they would either have to give you your tokens back or pay you $250,000 (strike price * 50,000).

If the token exceeded expectations and started trading at $100, they could sell all 50,000 tokens, creating massive sell pressure while they would only have to repay $250,000 at the end of the contract.

If the token did horribly and traded under $1, they just returned your tokens to you.

It might seem like a great deal because if your token isn't doing well, you receive free market-making service. But you have to remember that market makers can have a LOT of impact on how a token trades. Especially a market maker that has 5% of the total supply of a token. They can move the price up and down at their discretion for low to medium-cap projects.

By taking on these predatory contracts, the projects and the community can put themselves at significant risk without even realizing it. What will look like everyday market making or arbitrage will, in fact, be a slow death for the company.

First rights not given

Over the next few weeks, we monitored these bots and the prices on the two exchanges. We aimed to determine whether the bots were truly performing arbitrage or something more nefarious.

It did not make sense how so many tokens were purchased on KuCoin and sold on Uniswap with such a slight price difference between the two exchanges. It only made sense if the bots acquired tokens slowly over days or weeks, then withdrew and sold.

But as previously discussed, it's extremely unlikely for bot developers to do this, especially in a bear market with small-cap projects. As everyone has already seen, small-cap projects are hit the hardest in bear markets. A random bot buying up supply over a long period to flip them for profit while prices are already in decline makes little sense.

If these bots were algorithmic instead, then the bot would not have been profitable during this period of downward price action.

Things became even more concerning when we noticed how quickly the bots could capitalize on "arbitrage." If a medium or large order happened on Uniswap and the price went up slightly, almost immediately, a bot would withdraw from KuCoin and sell on Uniswap.

Although this seems normal, everyone who has withdrawn from centralized exchanges knows it can take a while before tokens are sent to your wallet.


As stated at the start of this article, we will remain objective on this. The transactions link we provided above can be used to compare with the historical KuCoin data to make your determination.

After monitoring these transactions for a few weeks, we remembered the 10,000 vested tokens as part of the listing contract.

Checking on the tokens, we noticed they were being withdrawn incrementally as they vested. The tokens were then subsequently sent to KuCoin's hot wallets.

We couldn't prove without a shadow of a doubt these tokens were being liquidated on Uniswap by those bots, but this was proof that KuCoin was utilizing the tokens. They were breaking our agreement if they were selling these tokens without allowing us to repurchase them at fair market value.

We then checked all of KuCoin's wallets to see their on-chain balance. In total, KuCoin's wallets contained ~11,200 tokens, while ~8,700 tokens were withdrawn from the vesting contract.

If KuCoin had not sold any vested tokens, it would imply that our users deposited/owned just 2,500 of the 11,200.

That seemed impossible to us, mainly because just one of KuCoin's wallets had 6,500 tokens deposited by regular EOA wallets belonging to our users.

Armed with this information, we approached KuCoin and asked if they had sold tokens instead of allowing us to repurchase them. You can find the conversation below.

They confirmed our suspicions; 5,483 of the 8,700 tokens were sold on the market.

They would release our security deposit earlier than expected to remedy the situation.

Whether or not they told the truth about the number of tokens sold, when it was sold, whether it was indeed a mistake, or if they were sold on Uniswap, we'll let you make that determination.

We will mention that the tokens from the vesting contract were being withdrawn starting in 2022.

10,000 sold.. or more?

Although the above explained part of the issue, the numbers still did not add up for us.

Even if we assumed all the 8,700 tokens withdrawn from the vesting contract were sold, significantly more tokens were finding their way from KuCoin's hot wallet to Uniswap.

We found smart contracts had withdrawn (or deposited) several factors more than EOA wallets had deposited during our listing. Again, although this could have been regular arbitrage, some discrepancies made it difficult to believe.

To us, it seemed these bots were transacting with many more tokens than they could purchase without skyrocketing the price on Kucoin. This could potentially mean someone was utilizing user-deposited tokens, liquidating them on Uniswap, and slowly draining the liquidity.


Unlike the previous issue, where Kucoin mistakenly sold the vested tokens without notifying us, we cannot prove this without a shadow of a doubt. It would require access to their database to make that determination fully.

Again, this theory based on the on-chain information we found and our heightened skepticism, which first sparked our internal discussions on delisting.

Now, if our theory is correct and someone was selling user-deposited tokens, then at some point, they would be forced to buy back the tokens to pay back the "debt." Otherwise, they would end up in the same situation as 3AC, FTX, etc..

Remember the above statement, and we'll come back to it.

Deposits Disabled

In July, one of our users notified us that the withdrawals and deposits for our token on KuCoin were disabled.

It was completely unexpected as we hadn't received any communication about this issue from them KuCoin.

When asked about the issue, KuCoin claimed it was a security precaution from the Multichain hack and shutdown since our token was utilizing the Multichain Bridge at the time.

We decided to investigate their claims and checked on various other tokens listed on KuCoin.

We checked approximately ten impacted tokens that ranged from very low-cap to large-cap projects. Some of them were severely impacted by the Multichain issue, where the attackers stole 1000s of tokens.

Yet, none of the tokens had their withdrawals or deposits disabled — only ours.

From the start of July until the end of August, we asked them multiple times for an update or resolution on the issue yet received minimal or no responses.


For reference, we could withdraw most of the tokens from Multichain contracts, and the small remaining amount we could not withdraw is now permanently locked into the bridge.

Request To Delist

At this point, we had even more doubts about the vested tokens and the deposit/withdrawals being paused.

We'll try to allow you to make your judgment, but we felt there were enough concerns to initiate the removal of the Aurox Token from KuCoin.

They were quick to agree to our request. However, the process was anything but transparent, as seen in the chats below.

We requested information on how the process works, what kind of announcement is made, and when it would occur, yet we received partial or no answers.

In fact, we didn't even know the announcement was made on September 11th when our users notified us. Although we knew it would be announced soon, multiple unanswered questions about the process remained unanswered.

The delisting process left us entirely in the dark and created unneeded uncertainty within the community.

Even if there was a misunderstanding or language barrier, it was shocking not to receive a notification on the day of the announcement.

Not over yet

Now, going back to the previous discussion on whether only the vested tokens part of the listing contract were sold or if there was some party selling tokens not owned by the said party.

A mass withdrawal of tokens from any institution usually leads to a bank run. Institutions that do not engage in loans, margin and other similar instruments should be safe from the repercussions of a bank run.

The Aurox Token was only available for SPOT on KuCoin, and users should have been able to withdraw all of their tokens without issues. 1 Aurox Token deposited to KuCoin should represent 1 Aurox Token balance to that individual's KuCoin account.

If user-deposited tokens were sold on Uniswap by some malicious individual(s), they would be forced to purchase them back at current market rates to cover the "debt" when and if the original depositors withdrew their tokens.

If our theory were correct, delisting from KuCoin would undo some of the previous damage to the Aurox Token and force the malicious individual(s) to buy back the same amount of tokens they "borrowed."

We first received a potential confirmation of this happening on July 12th, when the Aurox Token saw a 42% gain only on KuCoin — reaching $24 per token.

This random spike happened before we asked to delist, but less than a week after the deposits were frozen.

Although we expected this type of thing, we did not expect it to happen on KuCoin, let alone before we asked to be delisted.

We started discussing internally and came up with a theory on what might have caused it.


Again, this is just a theory, and it's only possible to prove with access to KuCoin's database.

Let's take the following example:

  • Users have deposited a combined 10,000 tokens to a malicious exchange, ExchangeA.
  • The price of the token is $100.
  • ExchangeA takes 5,000 tokens, withdraws them, and sells them on ExchangeB.
  • The price of the token has dropped to $10.
  • ExchangeA makes $300,000 when accounting for regular market dynamics.
  • ExchangeA now owes 5,000 tokens to users who are unaware that some of their tokens were sold.
  • ExchangeA turns off deposits.
  • ExchangeA takes $100,000 from the $300,000 it made and starts purchasing tokens from its own exchange.
  • Price on ExchangeA for the token eclipses prices on other exchanges, but since deposits are disabled, no one can arbitrage.
  • The users see the significant price discrepancy and realize they can sell for a considerable premium on ExchangeA. Then, if they want, they could even buy back the same amount for an even lower price on the other exchanges.
  • Users rush to sell tokens at the premium, not realizing they're trading their imaginary tokens to ExchangeA.
  • ExchangeA has now purchased back 5,000 imaginary tokens for $100,00 from the same users from whom they took the original tokens.
  • The token's price slowly returns to parity as more and more people sell at a premium.
  • ExchangeA profited $200,000.

Now, whether this is what happened or it's merely a coincidence, we will let you make the determination.

Now, whether this is what happened or it's merely a coincidence, we will let you make the determination. However, we know that several people took advantage of the price discrepancy when this incident happened.

From our point of view, there were too many coincidences for us to ignore. It was the last straw before we asked them to delist our token.

Unfortunately, we realized at this point that it was unlikely the malicious individual(s) would be forced to buy back the 'bad debt' on Uniswap.

We were left with one question: why would they buy back tokens at an inflated price with less liquidity on KuCoin? Why not purchase on a more liquid market like Uniswap, where buying back 5,000 tokens would have only increased the price by 5-10%, leading to a lower average cost?

In our opinion, the answer is simple. Control and lack of transparency.
It was simpler to flip a switch and much more hidden than on-chain transactions since they had control of their platform. It's likely this functionality of the platform was already built in and done previously to other token projects.

This type of incident repeated multiple times in early September, just days before the Aurox Token trading was frozen and the delisting announcement was made.

In each case, deposits were disabled, and the token price randomly spiked only on KuCoin while no major news or information was announced, which could have led to the price increase.

Final Thoughts

This industry, just as any financial industry, is fraught with predatory and malicious individuals who will do almost anything to pad their bank accounts. When Satoshi created Bitcoin, he set out to eliminate the greed, narcissism, and selfishness of these types of individuals

Unfortunately, a significant portion of the crypto industry has twisted and reintroduced this human element into the decentralized blockchain: One byte and one centralized service at a time.

That is not to say decentralization is a failed experiment, but rather; the industry has gone insane by repeating the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Our experiences, such as the one described in this article, made it even more apparent why decentralized finance is necessary.

This account is not just a chronicle of a single challenge we have faced but a mirror reflecting the broader issues within the crypto space. It emphasizes the need for improved regulatory clarity for centralized authorities, better safeguards against market manipulation, and a stronger drive towards decentralization where innovation can thrive without being undermined by predatory practices.

Our company will remain unwavering and continue upholding our ethical standards in the face of malicious adversity. Our perseverance in these hurdles underscores our commitment to the community, company, and the Aurox Token.

Our community will now understand that our decision to delist the Aurox Token from KuCoin was made to protect everyone involved in the project.

Thank you,
The Aurox Team

An Update on The Aurox Token and Our Relationship with Kucoin

We find ourselves at a pivotal moment, one that necessitates a transparent dialogue about recent changes concerning the Aurox Token. Our commitment to you has always been to provide a secure, efficient, and transparent platform.

Today, we continue that commitment by sharing some important updates.

The Decision to Chart a New Course

Approximately eight months ago, we came across odd on-chain behavior. The behavior looked like your run-of-the-mill arbitrage, but these transactions seemed odd because of low volumes and lack of volatility in the crypto industry,

We investigated deeper and even attempted to counteract the transactions. We wanted to prevent these transactions from happening while also gathering more evidence.

In the end, we weren't able to confirm the full scope of our hypothesis due to certain limitations, but we were able to verify that certain contractual obligations were not fulfilled.

When we presented the evidence to KuCoin, they did confirm our findings. Apparently, miscommunication with their internal team led to the mistake. They did try to rectify the situation but only partially.

Although we felt the issue wasn't fully resolved, the transactions had stopped, and it made more sense for our company to focus on much more significant items on our plate.

However, soon after, we were notified by our users that KuCoin had frozen deposits and withdrawals. We were never notified by any such issues by KuCoin.

Even after contacting Kucoin, the issue remained unresolved for months with no end in sight. We were not told when the deposits or withdrawals would be re-enabled, or were we told the exact reason.

These two problems led us to a difficult but necessary decision: to request the delisting of the Aurox token from KuCoin. This move is designed to protect our brand integrity and, above all, the interests of our valued users.

The Road to Delisting – A Journey Lacking Signposts

We initiated the delisting process over a month ago, expecting a transparent and collaborative dialogue. Unfortunately, our experience was quite the opposite. Despite numerous attempts to gain clarity on the process, our questions often went unanswered or were met with vague responses.

Our goal was to write this very article before the token delisting, provide information as to why the Aurox Token was delisting, and allow our community to ask questions.

The lack of communication culminated in an unexpected turn of events: the sudden delisting of the Aurox token, which caught us and our community off guard. In fact, this very post had to be written after we discovered the token was delisted via a social media post instead of being notified directly and prior to the scheduled delisting.

What Lies Ahead – A Future Focused on Transparency and User Experience

As we move forward, our focus remains steadfast on enhancing the Aurox token and the functionalities it offers. We're also shifting our attention towards collaborations with entities in more regulated regions like North America and Europe. This strategic pivot is not just a reactive measure but a proactive step based on our long-term vision.

While the immediate implications of our recent decisions may not be entirely clear, we assure you that this is a significant positive development for our company. Stay tuned in the coming months for a follow-up article that will provide a fuller picture of the situation.


We understand that change can be unsettling, but we want to assure you that every decision we make is with the best interests of our community in mind. Our commitment to transparency, security, and user experience remains unshaken.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate these new horizons. Keep an eye on our updates for more detailed information and exciting announcements about what's next for the Aurox Token and our broader ecosystem.


Meet The Aurox Wallet Pro – DeFi Without Compromise

Meet The Aurox Wallet Pro – DeFi Without Compromise

DeFi is a rocket propelling us toward a future where transactions are streamlined, automated, and non-custodial. Yet, its potential cannot be fully realized without easy-to-use and accessible products - something DeFi clearly lacks.

It is difficult to achieve adoption when the industry is steeped in overly complex software, and technical jargon. By solving these problems, Aurox can capitalize on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to disrupt the overall financial industry.

Today, we take another step towards our vision. We usher in an era where we emphasize the strengths of DeFi while abstracting away the complexities for a truly decentralized future.

Today, Aurox is excited to announce the release of Aurox Wallet Pro – a seamless, user-friendly, and decentralized Terminal built directly into the Aurox Wallet browser extension.

Powered by DeFi, Inspired by CeFi

DeFi's huge learning curve is a barrier against adoption; new crypto users and the broader financial industry can't realize the potential of decentralized finance when they can't even perform a simple transaction.

The average DeFi user's trading experience is incredibly tedious. It involves a multi-step process of linking wallets, annoying pop-ups, and even multiple transactions to execute a single trade. The lack of proper portfolio management, rampant scams, and unconventional terminologies further complicates the process.

The Aurox Wallet Pro connects you to the blockchain like never before. It makes decentralized finance shine by abstracting away the complexities and gives you the edge to trade like a DeFi pro.

On the surface, it's visually stunning with the user experience of any web2.0 trading platform. It feels and acts similarly to a CeFi financial trading system.

Yet, at its heart, it embraces decentralization; not only is it still a self-custodial wallet but even the terminal is hosted locally on your computer. A terminal that you own.


Trade Like A Pro — Get The Edge Against The Competition

Every second matters when the rush, and FOMO begins on a hot new token.

That's why the Aurox Wallet Pro puts you in control and allows you to execute DeFi trades in seconds.

Every single step standing between you and placing the order is eliminated. With a single click, your order executes. It's that simple.

No more fumbling with annoying wallet confirmations and pop-ups causing you to miss groundbreaking trades. It's the edge you have against the thousands using lackluster Yahoo-era wallets.


Demystifying Your Portfolio

Tracking your portfolio progress is the biggest challenge in DeFi, yet it's one of the most important aspects of trading and investing. DeFi users use multiple platforms and sometimes even resort to spreadsheets to get an idea of their holdings.

With the Aurox Wallet Pro, your entire portfolio data is at your fingertips .

View balances, token prices, transactions, and historical value of all your wallets in one view across five major blockchains. Take back the time you spend entering formulas in spreadsheets and focus on what truly matters; stacking sats.

Wondering how your competition is doing?

Open a new tab and paste the wallet address to view their portfolio instantly. Forget digging through blockchain explorers and transaction hashes; find the alpha in seconds.


Near Instant Tracking and Charting

The strength of self-custody shines throughout the platform.

Aurox Wallet Pro is built directly into the extension and locally stored on your computer, which means only one thing: a blazing-fast product.

Each page loads nearly instantaneously, allowing you to monitor the entire DeFi market faster than ever. By the time your competitors load Uniswap's website, you've already set Fibonacci levels on the built-in TradingView chart, and executed a trade.


Birds Eye View Of The Market

Decentralized trading can be an anxiety-filled nightmare — thousands of total tokens, dozens listed daily, and scams at every corner. Sorting through the mess and finding the opportunities is a full-time job.

Aurox Wallet Pro's Screener illuminates the market.

Sort tokens based on volume, market cap, and recently listed. Filter based on blockchain, price, and volume.

All these resources and many more are at your disposal, empowering you to discover the gems before anyone else.


Spot Scams and Fake Tokens

One of the Aurox Wallet's most defining features is its focus on security.

Aurox Wallet users can feel confident executing transactions on dApps by utilizing simulation, proactive anti-phishing, domain monitoring, and various other security features built into it.

With the Aurox Wallet Pro, we've taken the same serious approach to prevent traders from purchasing rug pulls and scam tokens.

Scammers deploy dozens of tokens daily with fake volumes to entice new DeFi users to purchase their rug pulls. In fact, we have seen fraudulent tokens mimicking genuine names during a new token launch in an attempt to mislead DeFi users.

With the help of our partners at GoPlus, the Aurox Wallet Pro displays yellow and red warnings next to the token names on the screener and the search. This contract-based analysis notifies the user of potentially risky and high-risk tokens.

Before you even click on the token, you can differentiate between the real token and the rugpull mimicking it.


Note: Although Aurox Wallet Pro attempts to detect rugpulls, scammers are constantly adjusting their methods to evade detection. Please always practice proper due diligence

Refreshed Interface

Aurox Wallet Pro is not the only exciting addition.

Meet the new and improved user interface of the original Aurox Wallet!

Over the past few months, we gathered incredible feedback from our community to help improve the product.

Variety of improvements have been made throughout to make the platform easier to use yet still powerful.

The biggest change comes to the home page which is now simpler, and more intuitive. We've also added network balance filter to allow users to filter their balances based on enabled blockchain networks.


What's Next For The Aurox Wallet

The introduction of Aurox Wallet Pro signifies the first step to a simple yet powerful DeFi experience. It has abstracted away some of the most frustrating and intricate obstacles hindering the broader adoption of DeFi.

DeFi represents the future, and it's time to propel the next generation of users by showcasing its true potential without compromise. Aurox Wallet Pro allows us to tap into and onboard users to DeFi, irrespective of their experience.

DeFi natives no longer have to deal with routine annoyances while trading.

Newcomers to DeFi can quickly begin trading in a manner akin to their experience on CeFi platforms.

Institutions that have matured utilizing Web2.0 trading platforms can now experience the same trading environment in a decentralized manner.

As always, our team will monitor community feedback to continue improving the Aurox Wallet.

We plan on adding support for more blockchains, extending Aurox Token utilities, integrating more DeFi protocols natively and much more. With every protocol integration, the Aurox Wallet Pro will become the go-to software for a seamless DeFi experience.

This release marks the start of an unparalleled and powerful DeFi experience, and we excited for you to experience it.


Aurox Successfully Completes Reg CF and Continues Path Towards Public Listing

Aurox Successfully Completes Reg CF and Continues Path Towards Public Listing

The Path

Nearly a year ago, Aurox set a big, ambitious goal: become a public company on a national stock exchange.

The time between then and now has been rocky, to say the least. Luna crashed. Celsius imploded. And FTX was accused of committing widespread fraud. None of this includes the persistent hacks on crypto traders and believers.

We believe now — as we knew then — that the only way for crypto to progress was to achieve more trust, transparency, and accountability. That’s the only way we can wash away the stain left by these fraudsters and scammers.

And so, over the past year, we explored many options to accomplish our goal. One option stood out to us the most because it allowed our community to participate in our growth and become part of our company.

The Reg CF

Last Summer, Aurox began putting plans in place to launch a Reg CF investment round. For us, it wasn’t about helping Wall Street big shots. It was about creating an opportunity for anyone who believed in our company and DeFi as the next growth area for crypto.

In January, we launched our Reg CF, and today we are proud to announce the official closing of the Reg CF round, with nearly 400 users investing approximately $310,000!

Thank you!

This is a massive moment for our company and our community. Why? Because 400 individual investors isn’t just a number. It is one of the requirements for a company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Combined with our existing shareholders, the new investors helped check another box in our effort to become one of the first nationally publicly traded DeFi software companies.

To The New Shareholders

Although the round was closed for new investors, the official closing occurred late last week. Aurox can now reach out to provide you with more information about the next steps.

There’s still a lot of work left regarding this round, but we will be in touch to provide you with information about your shares, access to the investor update portal, shipping out swag, and various other remaining tasks.

Please make sure to keep an eye out for our emails!

Thank you for taking part in this round, and thank you for helping us reach our goal! We are thrilled to get to work.


Aurox Wallet Goes Gasless With The Help Of Chainlink

Aurox Wallet Goes Gasless With The Help Of Chainlink

BlockWorks Article: https://blockworks.co/news/aurox-wallet-ethereum-transactions

Gas fees suck! One transaction at a time, your ETH disappears while at the same time making the DeFi user experience challenging.

Run out of ETH? Too bad, your Web3 wallet might as well be useless.

Now, imagine a world where the DeFi community no longer faces the infuriating burden of using ETH to pay for swap fees. A world where transactions are seamless, smooth, and completely decentralized.

That world is now a reality to the thousands of Aurox Wallet users. All thanks to Aurox’s Gasless Swapping contracts — the first set of smart contracts making up the Aurox Trade Protocol.

No more Gas anxiety!

No more forgetting about ETH, only to realize you can no longer execute a transaction!

No more going to centralized exchanges, paying ridiculous withdrawal fees, just so you can continue interacting with the blockchain!

And that’s not all. Our revolutionary approach also protects you from those predatory MEV bots via Flashbots, ensuring a bot won’t frontrun your transaction.

Swap with confidence through the Aurox Wallet!

This game-changing solution takes us one step closer to bringing DeFi to the masses. All possible with the help of Chainlink Price Feeds integrated into our routing contracts.

How it works

Swapping tokens on the Ethereum chain usually requires users to have ETH in their wallets and pay for gas at every step, creating a cumbersome barrier to DeFi adoption.

While some solutions claim to be “gasless,” they often come with a myriad of caveats.

Enter Aurox Wallet: A Truly Gasless Experience

Aurox’s innovative protocol enables any token swap on the Ethereum blockchain without requiring users to hold ETH. That’s right, no ETH. Even a brand-new wallet with only USDC can swap it to URUS with a single click.

Instead of prompting the user to deposit ETH into their wallet, the smart contract will automatically convert some of the input tokens into ETH to pay for the network fee. This is done seamlessly behind the scenes.

In practice, this will look something like this:

  • Say you want to swap Token A and Token B, but don’t have any ETH in your Aurox Wallet. No problem.
  • The Protocol will automatically take a small part of Token A and convert it to ETH to pay the block producers. Again, done seamlessly behind the scenes.
  • The swap goes through.

With the Aurox Wallet, the user doesn’t have to worry about anything else. The contract handles everything behind the scenes. The contract even taps into Chainlink Price Feeds to help make sure you get the best swap rate!

This simple, powerful functionality is what differentiates Aurox from the rest. Aurox sees a complex problem on the blockchain and develops a simple solution that harnesses the of power decentralization.

Want to see it in action? Click Here To Download The Aurox Wallet

To help make sure our users receive the best price and best execution possible, we’ve integrated the industry-standard Chainlink Price Feeds into the contracts.

Chainlink Price Feeds provide price reference data that’s sourced from hundreds of exchanges, weighted by volume, and cleaned from outliers and suspicious volumes — helping ensure our users get the best rate possible.

Critical features built into Chainlink Price Feeds’ architecture include:

  • High-Quality Data — Data is sourced from numerous premium data aggregators like BraveNewCoin and Kaiko, leading to volume-adjusted global market prices with robust market coverage.
  • Reliable Nodes — Price feeds are secured by a decentralized network of independent, security-reviewed, Sybil-resistant oracle nodes run by leading blockchain DevOps teams with a proven history of hyper-reliability.
  • Decentralized Infrastructure — Both the data sourcing and transmission on-chain are decentralized, removing any central point of failure.
  • Blockchain Agnostic — Chainlink is blockchain agnostic, making it straightforward integration with the ability to quickly expand Aurox into new blockchain environments in the future.

What’s Next?

We plan to integrate Chainlink Automation, a highly reliable and decentralized smart contract automation service, to add another layer of utility for the Aurox Wallet. Specifically, Automation will help automate transaction execution to streamline the user experience and combine the best parts of Web2 (the UI) with Web3.

Our future developments will help make DeFi trading easier, more accessible, and more profitable than ever before… to the point that even your parents can tap into DeFi protocols with ease.

So get ready to receive even better, easier, safer ways to trade and get involved in Web3, using software you wish you had known about sooner.


Aurox To Expand Avalanche support with key Ecosystem Partners

Aurox To Expand Avalanche support with key Ecosystem Partners

It’s been a fast paced month at Aurox, and we’re just getting started.

At the heels of CryptosRUs and Altcoin Daily joining our team, we’re proud and excited to announce our expansion on the Avalanche Blockchain with several integrations of the Ecosystem Partners coming over the next few months.

Aurox currently provides Avalanche users a comprehensive, data rich, simple and safe web3 experience. Soon, Aurox Wallet will provide a completely unique experience for Avalanche users through its built-in decentralized and locally hosted Terminal.

This integration will allow us to fast-track the adoption of our Wallet and increase adoption of the Avalanche platform, while also opening up doors for further collaboration with Avalanche Ecosystem Partners.

We believe there are several key things that make Avalanche and our integration special:

High performance: Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. This means that Avalanche is able to process transactions much faster than other blockchain networks, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who need to move large amounts of data or value quickly and securely.

Scalability: Thanks to Avalanche Subnets, the platform is designed to be infinitely scalable, meaning that it can handle large volumes of transactions without slowing down or becoming congested.

Security: Avalanche is also known for its strong security features. The platform uses advanced cryptography and consensus algorithms to ensure that all transactions are final, secure and tamper-proof. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who need to store and transfer sensitive data with confidence.

Avalanche is a leading name in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency — and from now on, an Aurox preferred platform.

Over the next few months, we’ll be working closely on Avalanche support and debuting our Aurox Wallet Full View with one of the most prominent protocols to provide a completely unique DeFi trading experience.

Stay tuned, Aurox Nation!

If you haven’t checked Aurox Wallet yet, here’s a link to download the desktop Chrome extension.


Aurox Joins Forces with Altcoin Daily: A Monumental Partnership To Intensify Grow

Aurox Joins Forces with Altcoin Daily: A Monumental Partnership To Intensify Grow

Over the past several months, we’ve laid the groundwork to expand our user base and community. Today, marks the cornerstone of our plan to onboarding millions of users to our platform.

We are excited to announce that Aurox has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the most consequential content creators and personalities in crypto, Altcoin Daily!

Austin and Aaron Arnold have nurtured and created the Altcoin Daily brand over years by creating incredible, engaging, and educational content which reaches millions of crypto enthusiasts worldwide. With their help, we shine a bright light on Aurox and why every single crypto user should be using the Aurox Ecosystem.

The Brothers

Altcoin Daily is a widely acclaimed YouTube channel known for its informative and insightful content related to cryptocurrency. With millions of viewers worldwide, Altcoin Daily has become a trusted source for news and market insights. The channel’s unique approach to presenting complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner has made it a favorite among crypto enthusiasts who seek reliable and up-to-date information about the dynamic world of digital assets.

We were lucky enough to meet Aaron and Arnold in person during the DCENTRAL conference. This meeting and the following conversations helped us see the commonality in our visions for the future of finance. It is what sparked our partnership, and we couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible duo join our team.

The Partnership

By leveraging each other’s strengths, we will create new opportunities and provide unparalleled value to the crypto communities worldwide.

Aurox will benefit from the extensive reach and influence of the Altcoin Daily brand, enabling us to expand our user base, protect more users via the Aurox Wallet and accelerate the adoption of decentralized finance.

In the coming years, both Aurox and Altcoin Daily will work together on several joint initiatives aimed at educating and empowering crypto enthusiasts. Through our partnership, we will show the world why users should ditch their clunky Yahoo-era wallets, why they should accelerate their trading through the Aurox Terminal, and why they should join one of the most cohesive communities in crypto.

A Bright Future Ahead

The partnership between Aurox and Altcoin Daily signifies a new chapter in the evolution of Aurox. Or rather, the evolution of DeFi.

We believe that this collaboration will help bridge the gap between centralized services and decentralization. With their help, we can help the crypto world understand the power of self-custody and DeFi through our easy-to-use, safe, and powerful solutions.

Aurox Nation… The bottom line is this.

We’re growing. We will continue to grow. The Aurox Bull will run through the competition until we are a dominant force in the industry.. And we couldn’t be more excited to have Austin and Aaron be part of our journey.

There’s more to come, so be ready, Aurox Nation!


We’re All George. CryptosRUs To Accelerate Aurox’s Growth

We’re All George. CryptosRUs To Accelerate Aurox’s Growth

We are thrilled to announce that George Tung, known to the crypto community as CryptosRUs, has joined Aurox as an advisor!

As we embark on an ambitious journey to revolutionize the DeFi landscape, George will be an incredible addition to our team and help propel us to new heights, bolster our user base and pave the way for a successful year ahead.

You’re George. We’re All George

For those unfamiliar with CryptosRUs, he is a widely respected thought leader and expert in crypto, boasting an impressive track record of engaging cryptocurrency insights.

George’s honest and insightful educational videos attract hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide every week. It’s no wonder that CryptosRUs is one of the most watched and influential content creators in the industry.

George built the CryptosRUs brand into the juggernaut it is today in one of the quickest growth cycles we’ve ever seen. That’s the exact experience we’re excited to have on our team to help take Aurox to the next level.

The Beginning

Some of you have probably discovered the Aurox Terminal from our previous engagements with George. He was among the first to review the Aurox Terminal and deliver a massive influx of new users in 2020. We were impressed, to say the least. Not only because of his reach and ability to drive users to our platform but because of how well we worked together.

This year, we began forming a stronger, closer working relationship, which has now progressed with him taking a pivotal role on our team.

The Future

Starting today, George will be heavily involved with Aurox — helping formulate marketing strategies, leading outreach new users and introducing the Aurox ecosystem to essential businesses or individuals.

George’s vast experience and extensive network in the crypto community will be invaluable as we continue to grow. His unique insights into the market and deep understanding of user needs will help us optimize our marketing efforts and tailor our platform to the evolving demands of the crypto trading landscape. With his help, we expect to significantly boost our growth and continue to establish Aurox as a dominant force in the industry.

The Bottom Line

As Aurox continues to innovate and grow, this is the exact kind of partnership that will help usher in a new era of success for our platform and reach the wider crypto community.

In simple terms, George will help grow Aurox… and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on our team.

Join us in welcoming George and his brand CryptosRUs to Aurox Nation.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and developments as we embark on this game-changing journey together.

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