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NFTs, Twitter Prices, Simulation, and More in Aurox Wallet v1.1.0

NFTs, Twitter Prices, Simulation, and More in Aurox Wallet v1.1.0

We told you to buckle up!

This week, we’ll begin with the new Aurox Wallet update. Over and over, we lead with innovation and set the bar for the future of Web3.

Aurox Wallet v1.1.0 was just released and includes some exciting new features, a new token utility as well as improvements to existing functionalities. So let’s walk through the new improvements.

Aurox Token Reward Boost

The first token utility within the Aurox Wallet is now live!

Anyone holding more than 50 Aurox Tokens in their wallet can now receive 1.5x more points than they did previously. To receive the extra bonus, simply hold the Aurox Token inside any of the imported wallets.

You can now level up quicker and faster than non-token holders, and soon, even quicker with gasless swapping.

Simulation for Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism

Security is the top priority of our wallet. We want to protect users across as many chains as possible. That’s why Aurox Wallet now supports simulation for three additional networks!

Check out the simulation below using GMX on Arbitrum.

Twitter Cashtag Prices

Twitter is the voice of the crypto industry. We know that — and we want to make Crypto Twitter even better.

With the Aurox Wallet, you can quickly see the 24-hour percent changes of every major DeFi token!

Simply browse Twitter, and anytime a cashtag appears, the Aurox Wallet will automatically display the percent change without you ever having to go to a new tab. No switching tabs.

And we’re not done.

With the upcoming rollout of the Aurox Wallet’s built-in Terminal, we are extending this feature to allow users to trade with just a couple clicks of their mouse.

Here’s how it works: This functionality is disabled by default. To enable it:

  1. Click “My Aurox” on the bottom tab
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Select General
  4. Enable “Display percent change of tokens on Twitter”

NFT Support For New Chains

Just like simulation, we want Aurox users to have access to all of our unique functionalities across as many chains as possible.

So, in addition to NFTs on Ethereum, we’ve added full NFT support for Polygon, BSC and Avalanche!

Our data-rich backend automatically detects NFTs across the four major blockchains and displays them automatically. Users can view, transfer and monitor their NFTs…. Unlike competitors which couldn’t even display the NFT images… or even worse, not allow you to transfer them 😂.

Using a blockchain outside of the Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon or BSC? Don’t worry; you can still import the contract address manually to see the NFT.

More improvements

There are improvements throughout the new update, such as:

  • Improved network fee calculation
  • Transfer between wallets
  • UX improvements
  • Variety of bug fixes and web3 compatibility fixes.

Download the Aurox Wallet!

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks, Aurox Wallet will implement some key innovative functionalities to make DeFi even easier and smoother than ever before.

From Gasless Swaps to Terminal Mode, we’re excited to unveil new features!

These innovative functionalities will help us market to the current DeFi crowd while onboarding a new and broader audience. The 100s of millions currently using centralized services will be able to easily shift over to the first and only non-custodial product with the simplified user experience of CeFi.

Stay tuned!

Download the Aurox Wallet!

Aurox Wallet Goes Open-source

Aurox Wallet Goes Open-source

Our entire team has been heads down this year, working and planning for these next few months. We’ve put the pieces together one major milestone at a time to drive our company into the limelight.

But before we begin, we want to set the stage.

We’ve strived to be as transparent as possible when other’s in this business have not. Today marks another step in that direction.

Today, we are excited to announce the Aurox Wallet is open-source. This step will help us establish further trust, credibility, and respect.

Open-source Means Deeper Trust

The Aurox Wallet is the most advanced, secure, and intuitive way for users to interact with decentralized applications. It combines our data-rich backend with a simple interface that eliminates the complexities of DeFi.

Simply put, the Aurox Wallet gives you control. No more expensive middlemen. No more “just trust us” excuses.

Trust matters most. In the wake of SBV, FTX and Silvergate, that’s never been more evident than today.

And that’s precisely why we are making the Aurox Wallet open-source. This step creates radical transparency — allowing users to see our source code and trust that it will do exactly what it should.

New users will feel safe downloading and installing the Aurox Wallet. The entirety of the extension is available for anyone to analyze simply by visiting our Github.

Further, it shows the Web3 developer community how much careful attention to detail and care has gone into creating the Aurox Wallet. Developers worldwide can now see the capabilities of a team of developers who are fearless in developing new innovative products rather than forks.

From Idea to Creation

One of the benefits of DeFi is that it removes needless, expensive bureaucracy. Making the Aurox Wallet open source continues that trend.

Through platforms like Github, Aurox Wallet users can now report issues publicly and see solutions immediately implemented by our team or by the 1000s of web3 developers worldwide.

What’s more, everyone uses the wallet differently. If users want customized functionalities, we can release bounties to develop those individualized features. Anyone in the world can apply, implement the functionalities, and claim the rewards.

Overall, this step will mean a development explosion and a better user experience for everyone.

Click here to see the Github Repository

The Development Continues

Just because we are making the Aurox Wallet open source doesn’t mean we will sit on the sidelines. Innovation is core to who we are.

In fact, we demonstrated the first true gasless swapping experience with the Aurox Wallet, which we’re excited to release to the world in just a few short weeks. Our users will no longer have to worry about having ETH in their wallets just to execute a simple swap. No more Gas anxiety. No more wasted money or reliance on centralized exchanges to purchase ETH.

And our gasless swapping is the first functionality in the larger innovation we drive towards, the Aurox Trade Protocol. Aurox remains committed to making the DeFi user experience feel like TradFi while leveraging all the positives of decentralization.

Buckle up, the next few months will be exciting!


The First Real and All ERC20 Compatible Gasless Swapping

The First Real and All ERC20 Compatible Gasless Swapping

There is a reason why DeFi is the future of finance, and this month has reinforced our beliefs.

The bank runs on SVB, Signature, and potentially more soon are just repeats of the archaic financial industry that has constantly destroyed the lives and businesses of millions.

DeFi can eliminate these issues by giving financial power, transparency, and freedom back to the user…. But DeFi isn’t without its faults.

The user experience is poor and not ready for mass use like TradFi. But that’s precisely the opportunity for Aurox, and it starts here.

No ETH? No Play

One of the biggest hindrances of DeFi’s mass adoption revolves around how network fees are paid.

Imagine if Bank of America created a new currency called BOA Dollar (BOAD).

Every time you purchase with your credit card using your USD balance, you must give one BOAD to Bank of America to execute the transaction. If you run out of BOAD, you have to purchase more BOAD using your USD; otherwise, you cannot make a transaction.

Worse, if you run out of BOAD, Bank of America will not allow you to convert your USD to BOAD. You have to go to a 3rd party exchange, convert USD to BOAD, transfer it back to your bank account, and finally be able to access your cash.

Just that simplified example is enough to make anyone’s head spin. If that’s how the traditional financial sector ran, we would still be in the stone ages.

But that’s how the Ethereum network works.

Run out of Ethereum in your wallet? Too bad you can no longer transact with that wallet. You’re forced to purchase ETH on a centralized exchange, pay a fee, withdraw it to your wallet, pay another fee, and finally, you have access to your funds.

But that’s what DeFi users have to deal with constantly… until now.

No ETH? No Problem with the Aurox Wallet

Aurox is proud to introduce the first-ever true gasless swapping experience.

With the Aurox Wallet, you will no longer have to worry about keeping ETH in your wallet. At any point, you can convert ANY decentralized exchange listed ERC20 token with any other ERC20 token.

No more Gas anxiety.

No more reliance on centralized exchanges to purchase ETH.

No more money wasted on CEX trade and withdrawal fees.

Select an input ERC20 token, output ERC20 token, and click swap. Even if the wallet is completely brand new and has only ever received ERC20 tokens.

It’s that simple. Just see for yourself.

Cutting through competitors’ marketing BS

We keep using the word “true gasless swapping,” and there’s a reason for it.

For the past year, our competitors have corrupted the word “gasless” and made claims that their solutions don’t require ETH to perform swaps. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As demonstrated in the video above, every solution we have discovered is less than ideal. Most, if not all, rely on a network upgrade called EIP-2559, otherwise known as meta transactions.

Meta transactions are a half-solution to the problem. It’s impossible to have gasless transactions for most of the tokens out there using meta transactions. In fact, there’s probably less than 1% of tokens that support the EIP-2559 upgrade.

The rest of the tokens out there still require an “approval” transaction before they can be used inside a meta transaction. Which means your wallet still needs ETH.

Meta transactions are easy to integrate into a contract, taking maybe a couple of weeks of development at that. Instead of innovating and creating a full-scale solution to this issue, our competitors spent a minimal amount of time and money integrating EIP-2559. They spent their money and effort marketing themselves as gasless protocols to pump their bags.

We created a real and useful solution to the problem that works for the entire network, not just for 1% of transactions. Our solution might have taken time, but it’s a solution that has actual impacts on DeFi. A solution that anyone can use at any time. Independent of your experience with DeFi.

Real innovation takes time. Rebranding copy-paste jobs as innovation does not.

The first step to the Aurox Trade Protocol

This new routing contract is the first functionality of the Aurox Trade Protocol.

We set out to make DeFi’s user experience feel like TradFi last year. With the release of the Aurox Wallet, we took one step toward our vision. With the release of the Gasless Swapping, we take a giant leap.

As we expand the system to add more functionalities, our users will see significant improvements in their entire user experience on the Ethereum network. We can leverage all the great aspects of DeFi while eliminating all the headaches.

By making it easy to onboard users to DeFi, we can increase liquidity and trust in the system. We can increase the usage of various protocols out there, including ours. And more importantly, Aurox will be at the forefront of the evolution of finance.

When Release?

The contract is already deployed at the following address:

0xC65F7B26a7bBa778efD39641C46599bBDBEcCCf7 (Etherscan Link)

The contract is integrated into the Aurox Wallet, as shown in the demo video.

The Wallet integration and the contract have been routinely tested for the past several weeks.

At this point, our team is working to clean up the Aurox Wallet integration codebase. The functionality will be available to all Aurox Wallet users within the next couple of weeks.


Aurox Reg CF Investment Round Is Now Live!

Aurox Reg CF Investment Round Is Now Live!

Today, we are launching a Reg CF investment round. This is your opportunity to own a piece of Aurox. By investing, you can benefit from crypto’s next growth area — bringing DeFi to the masses.

Remember — this investment opportunity isn’t just for Wall Street big shots. It’s for everyone. And that’s the point. We want you to benefit from DeFi’s growth.

I know you probably have some questions.

What are we doing?

We are offering everyone, including Aurox Nation, an opportunity to own a part of Aurox at the forefront of the DeFi movement. Our campaign is launched under Regulation CF, which permits companies like Aurox to raise capital from the public through an SEC-registered intermediary like tZERO Markets.

To learn more and participate, go to: tZERO.com.

Our powerful Aurox ecosystem has caused a stir in the industry and we’re gaining momentum globally. But instead of just offering the investment to insiders and accredited investors, we are offering it to all US-based investors (additional information below for non-US residents).

Why is Aurox doing an investment round?

A lot of companies raise money privately from an exclusive group of accredited insiders. But Aurox is different. We invested our own money to build Aurox. And we wanted to give all qualified investors — not just accredited investors — the opportunity to own a part of Aurox and benefit from the DeFi revolution.

What does investing mean?

First, investing is always up to you. Go to tZERO.com to read all of the information and decide what’s best for you. But if you decide to invest, then you’ll own a part of Aurox and benefit from the next growth area in crypto — bringing DeFi to the masses.

As a special thanks for individuals who invest, we are offering a series of exclusive Aurox items:

  • All investors — a limited-edition gold Aurox hat signed by Giorgi himself
  • $500 — a limited-edition platinum Aurox hat signed by Giorgi and exclusive “Aurox OG” T-shirt
  • $1,000 — a full swag package
  • $10,000 — an invite to a private Founders’ cocktail hour
  • $25,000 — an invite to a private Founder’s cocktail hour with travel expenses paid

What about non-USA residents?

International regulations forces us to individually explore the legal framework of each country on whether or not we can offer investment in that region.

As you can imagine, this process is complex, costly and time-consuming. We want to support as many regions as possible but only if there is interest from investors from a specific country.

We have created the following survey to explore the interest level of investors outside the United States. Please take the survey and we will follow up with you.

Survey: https://forms.gle/P9ipRp7q1m8LYVKh9

Who is tZERO?

Founded in 2014, tZERO’s mission has been to democratize access to capital markets by establishing more efficient, accessible, and transparent marketplaces. They work with companies to create innovative solutions and products for primary raises, recapitalizations, and secondary trading.

Why choose tZERO?

Just like Aurox, they see the potential for the blockchain to change the financial industry. tZERO has paved the way for tokenized securities, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2022, NYSE parent company ICE, became a significant minority investor in tZERO, alongside Medici Ventures fund, Overstock, and others.

We share a similar vision and path, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them.

What happens next?

Go to tZERO.com now and explore your opportunity to own a piece of Aurox.

We’re excited to offer this opportunity and hope you’ll join us in our mission. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Investor Notice

Crowdfunded securities are generally offered by early-stage companies and investors should be prepared to lose some or all of their investment. Investors should read all of the risks and disclosures prior to making any investment decisions.

Future transactions and results are impossible to predict. Opinions and estimates offered in this presentation constitute our judgment and are subject to change without notice, as are statements about market trends, which are based on current market conditions. This presentation may include forward-looking statements that represent opinions, estimates, projections and forecasts, which may not be realized. These forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, which may cause actual results to be materially different from those contemplated by the forward-looking statements. We believe the information provided herein is reliable, as of the date hereof. Therefore, the recipient of this document is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The recipient is further cautioned that the Company does not expect to update or otherwise revise this document.

Securities are offered through tZERO Markets, LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC. Neither tZERO Markets, LLC, nor any of its affiliates provide any investment advice or make any investment recommendations to any persons, ever, and no communication through herein or in any other medium should be construed as such. Investments in early-stage companies are speculative, involve a high degree of risk, are generally illiquid, and can be different from traditional markets. You should be prepared to lose some or all of your investment. Crowdfunding may not be appropriate for every investor. Any discussion of liquidity is purely speculative. Offers to sell, or the solicitations of offers to buy any security can only be made through official offering documents that contain important information about risks, fees and expenses. Investors should conduct their own due diligence, and are encouraged to consult with a financial professional. Past performance is not indicative of future results. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns, outperform a non-diversified portfolio, or prevent against loss.


The Aurox Wallet is Unstoppable

Crypto enthusiasts, you deserve a safe and easy way to send your cryptocurrencies and NFTs to everyone in the DeFi ecosystem.

We’re happy to announce we’ve added Unstoppable Domains support to our wallet to provide you the ability to send and receive crypto from Web3 domains such as .crypto, .nft, .bitcoin, and more!

We partnered with Unstoppable Domains to provide you with the ability to send to crypto addresses that will replace the bulky, alphanumeric crypto addresses you used in the past. With this integration, Aurox Wallet users can send and receive crypto using Unstoppable Domains and users can also view their Unstoppable domain handles within their Aurox Wallet.

Who is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is a company that connects Web2 to Web3 using Web3 domain names. Nearly 3 million domains have been registered to date that can be used across more than 600 app, game and metaverse integrations.

Unstoppable Domains allows you to register unique Web3 domains that you can use across hundreds of Web3 applications. Instead of telling your friends to send crypto to a long numeric phrase, you can have them send it to YourNameHere.crypto or YourNameHere.nft.

The Benefits of Unstoppable Domains:

  • One Name Across Web3: Unstoppable Domains allows you to curate and own a unique digital identity across Web3.
  • Low Cost and Lifetime Ownership: Once you buy an Unstoppable domain, you own it for life. Unlike traditional domains on the web that you rent, Unstoppable Domains allows you to own your .crypto or .nft name so you have full control of your digital identity and datai. Easy peasy, and much safer for your crypto.

Why copy-pasting your wallet address can get you scammed

Blockchain-generated wallet addresses can feel impossible to remember, so it’s no wonder most people prefer to copy-paste their wallet addresses using the clipboard function.

They’re using this function to save their address on their computer or send their wallet address to others on Telegram, Facebook or Whatsapp chat whenever they’re requesting payments.

However, copy-pasting your crypto addresses on your clipboard is not a great idea. It comes with a huge security flaw not many users are even aware of:

Cybercriminals are using more and more Clipboard Hijacking Malware to monitor your clipboards and replace your copied text with the attacker’s chosen address. Essentially, they’re sending crypto to their own wallets.

This change is done in a fraction of a second. Because their original address is too complex, most users don’t notice they’ve been hijacked until it’s too late.

The worst part?

These scammers don’t even have to be particularly good at hacking or coding malware.

There are several varieties of clipboard hijacking software freely available online.

Aurox Wallet is Unstoppable

Just like anything in Web3, your identity is completely decentralized, which means personal data associated with your Unstoppable Domains name will not be publicly known.

Unstoppable Domains also makes it easier to remember your crypto wallet address at all times — saving you time, giving you more control over your accounts, and helping you keep your crypto address safe from scammers.

Over the next few months, we’ll be working closely with Unstoppable Domains to increase the user experience within our wallet. We’re excited to take this first step to a safer, and easier Web3 experience.


Aurox End of Quarter Update: Audits, Wallet Update, Terminal Sneak Peak, and more

Aurox End of Quarter Update: Audits, Wallet Update, Terminal Sneak Peak, and more

Aurox Nation, it’s time we check in with you guys.

It’s been a busy quarter here at Aurox, and various boxes have already been ticked.

And we think a full breakdown is in order.

So let’s get right to it because there’s a lot to discuss:

Planning to go public

In case you were wondering where this plan is, here’s your confirmation:

We’re still exploring our options to become a public company, and are happy to say there has been some significant movement.

RBSM recently completed the financial audit of Aurox, meaning we are ready to move on to the next step.

And for now, we’re putting together yet another funding round and moving towards finalizing the plans for the public transaction.

Per our attorney’s advice, we can’t disclose details yet, but we can say this is very much still part of our agenda.

We started this entire process because becoming a public company would allow us to further grow our community, ecosystem, and transparency.

The amount of capital this would bring could help fuel our efforts tremendously as well as allow all of you to participate in changing the face of DeFi.

Bringing unique wallet features to the DeFi World

Aurox Wallet is officially in beta testing.

This means that the official launch is just around the corner.

But before that happens, we wanted to share a few key differences between our web3 wallet and other products currently on the market, such as MetaMask.

The most important one is this:

We strongly believe Aurox Wallet will be the most secure web3 wallet on the market.

We felt it was time to stop giving you sole responsibility for protecting your money.

It’s time to stop pretending that most current web3 wallets don’t have outdated security.

It’s time to stop blaming yourself for being “inexperienced” or “not paying enough attention” after your entire savings are drained

The current system is archaic and prevents mass adoption. Even with hardware wallets, transacting on dApps is dangerous. Not only can we not rely on the masses to purchase and lug around a USB drive anytime they want to make a transaction, but hardware wallets only protect you against malware.

It’s time to guide users to make secure and wise decisions every time they’re using a web3 interface while still allowing them to have complete control over their finances in a decentralized manner.

And we’re not just saying that for hype. We have the features to back it up:

  • Simulation — you can see a simulation of the transaction as it would happen on the blockchain before you submit it; If you’re interacting with a smart contract or app that will drain your funds, your wallet should alert you ahead of time
  • Smart contract monitoring — the wallet will tell you if the contract is safe or not. It will show if it is open source, on our whitelist, or our blacklist;
  • Phishing page detection — a warning pop-up will appear the second you try to copy-paste or even type your recovery phrase on a phishing site;

With these features, we’ve effectively tackled most major attacks currently happening in decentralized finance.

That, coupled with a sleek UI, intuitive UX, and the first-ever wallet rewards system, will propel Aurox Wallet to the forefront of innovation in the web3 market.

We’ll provide more information about the wallet’s features later on.

For now, meet Aurox Wallet:

You can still sign up for the Aurox Waitlist here.

There will be an initial cap of users who will receive access. If you want to start using Aurox Wallet the second we launch, I recommend signing up ASAP.

Thorough Aurox Wallet Audit

Aurox Wallet is currently being audited by Certik. You can track the status here.

Basically, the company will poke and prod at the wallet and let us know of any potential issues and vulnerabilities we might have missed…

Giving us plenty of time to fix them before the public launch.

Top exchanges like Binance or Houbi have previously worked with Certik for their audits. Certik’s industry-leading audit methods and tools will leave no stone left unturned. They’ll even take a look at our code to make sure it all works as it’s supposed to.

So we’re confident that with their help, Aurox Wallet will be perfect from the second it’s launched.

New Aurox Terminal UX

Clay is wrapping up our terminal design, and the results are exactly as you’d expect.

But check them out for yourself:

Our new terminal is essentially everything you love about the previous version, turned to the max to create a sleeker, more intuitive new terminal.

With this design overhaul, the terminal is in line with the new direction we’re taking at Aurox, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The new design will be incorporated into the terminal over the next few months, so you’ll all get to take it for a spin soon.

So to sum everything up…

We like to stay busy here at Aurox.

This last quarter had many milestones we’ve been working on tirelessly around the clock. It feels great to see it all come together, piece by piece.

These results only motivate us to keep moving and deliver everything we said we would:

DeFi, for everyone. And nothing less.

Oh, and if you think this quarter’s been a heck of a ride, then strap in.

We plan to pick up the pace even more.

Stay tuned.


Aurox Wallet Launch Update & Announcing Giveaway Winners

Aurox Wallet Launch Update & Announcing Giveaway Winners

We were completely blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response for Aurox Wallet.

Based on the incredible number of people on our waitlist, we’re expecting a huge surge in registrations once the wallet is launched to the public.

This just goes to show that crypto needs a safer & seamless wallet solution designed to accelerate profits.

But all things must come to an end as we close down our giveaway.

Now that it’s closed, the top 5 waitlist referrers will cash in big.

When Aurox Wallet officially launches, the winners will each receive gas rebates for every transaction made on the wallet, up to $10,000 total.

If you’re one of the lucky winners, we will reach out to you via email shortly.

So when will Aurox Wallet be released?

You know us, we never give a deadline until we know all the details.

In June and July we performed the Alpha testing, and we are set to begin Beta testing.

The beta testing version of the platform is approximately 95% of the final release version. Therefore, the transition from Beta to public release will be extremely quick.

So while we can’t give an official date yet, Aurox Wallet will be released very soon.

But that’s not all.

You see, the Aurox Wallet launch has a special surprise for all of you.

We’re the only Web3 wallet offering this secret feature

Aurox Wallet has a secret feature that will only become public at its official launch.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise…

But we can tell you this:

No other web3 wallet in existence has ever pulled off a feature like this before.

And we’re confident all Aurox Wallet users will find our new feature…

Very rewarding :)

Aurox Wallet sets out to make trading easier, and more profitable for everyone, no matter the user’s experience with crypto, market knowledge, or technical literacy.

Because crypto is supposed to give everyone the opportunity to become financially independent.

And we want Aurox Wallet to lead the crypto revolution, and make the entire industry live up to its promises…

One secret, profitable feature at a time.

So, what can you do now?

Join our upcoming Twitter Spaces to learn more about the upcoming product:


Aurox Wallet has some big goals to reach.

We’ve taken on a much bigger responsibility than lots of other companies in our industry:

To change the face of DeFi for the better.

We’re working very hard to launch the wallet soon, but realistically we’ll only do it when we know the wallet’s perfect.

Because it’s what Aurox Nation deserves.

Not only that, but because Aurox Wallet’s functions and capabilities are miles ahead from current hot wallet solutions…

We expect a considerable wave of new people rooting for the Aurox ecosystem.

We heard the market’s need for:

  • Enhanced security features
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • A convenient way to monitor portfolio

And we’re ready to deliver.

We know many of you are excited to use Aurox Wallet for the first time.

We’re excited too.

Because it will change decentralized finance, forever.


Aurox Launches Smart Contract Library to Increase Web3 Security

Aurox Launches Smart Contract Library to Increase Web3 Security

Partnership with FIO will help Create Open-Source Database of Trustworthy and Untrustworthy DeFi Contracts

At Aurox, we have made it our mission to make decentralized wallets more secure, simpler and safer to use. That’s why, building off of leading DeFi consortium FIO’s cross-blockchain layer, we are launching an innovative solution: whitelist@aurox. This open-source and decentralized library of trustworthy DeFI contracts will offer a major boost to security in our web3 wallet and redefine security and the DeFi user experience for the foreseeable future.


We know that DeFI wallets are the future of crypto. Web3 wallets deliver the very utility that all of us want — control over our own funds and free of an expensive middleman.

The problem with most decentralized wallets being offered currently are their nightmarish user experience. Users have to constantly jump between protocols and exchanges. This can be overwhelming to many users, especially for those new to crypto.

Additionally, the confusing user interface leads to major security gaps. Foremost among those security threats are scams and hacks that attempt to mislead users with bogus addresses to then plunder their wallets.

Aurox is now partnering with FIO to create the first decentralized smart contract monitoring library to protect users against these very attacks.


Every interaction users make via the Aurox Wallet will query the whitelist@aurox handle on the Fio Protocol. This new handle will store all of the contract addresses that are deemed secure. As an open-source library, other web3 platforms will also be able to use the library to see if an address is safe or not.

In other words, when Aurox wallet users create a transaction, the wallet will automatically check the address on the whitelist@aurox library. If the contract is identified as whitelisted, the transaction will move forward.

However, if the contract is not whitelisted or, worse, is included on the blacklist@aurox handle, the user will receive an error message and will be urged not to transact with the address. Of course, as is primary in decentralized finance, the user is able to make their own choices and can override any blocks.

We believe this industry-leading level of security will protect users from attacks like the one recently experienced by OpenSea users. Under that attack, users received links that appeared to be an official OpenSea website, however, they were actually hacker created contracts. Many experienced users understand that they should never enter their twelve word passphrase — ever. But dozens of users fall prey to this scam.

With Aurox’s new whitelist@aurox solution, users would immediately receive an error message and realize that the address is not what it appears to be.

Its DeFI made simple, safe and secure.

Trustworthy contracts will include entities that are open-source, transparent and have high liquidity and usage rates. Examples would be Uniswap, Aave, Pancake Swap and Compound, among others. The new integration will be multi-chain.

In order to construct the library, Aurox developers have already worked to input data from hundreds of contracts into the two handles.


FIO is the perfect partner for this integration. Like the Aurox team, FIO’s consortium is committed to making decentralized finance simple and easy-to-use. And their usability-focused blockchain is the perfect technology for Aurox’s specific web3 wallet security feature. It goes without saying that we are proud to work with them and excited to launch a series of new integrations in the future.


Meet Aurox Wallet Extension: The Safest & Easiest Way to Trade and Swap all your favorite DEX tokens

Meet Aurox Wallet Extension: The Safest & Easiest Way to Trade and Swap all your favorite DEX tokens

As a lot of you know, our big vision here at Aurox is to make DeFi easy for millions of people.

We couldn’t limit ourselves to just innovating our terminal to achieve this.

While in mid-development of our mobile application, we realized there was significant demand for something else... Something that would be much easier and quicker for us to release. We already had the resources, designs and code to get it done quickly and make it better than anything else on the market.

This is why we’re proud to announce the opening of the waitlist for our web3 browser extension wallet:

The Aurox Wallet

The Aurox Wallet is designed to be more secure and user-friendly than any other wallet you’ve used before. Also, it will be compatible with all browsers (including Tor) and hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, and Gridplus.

Our first beta release will be this quarter, and we highly recommend registering here to receive fresh updates and a front seat.

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Why millions of users need Aurox Wallet

The cryptosphere is dominated by just a couple of DEX wallets with some serious flaws, which are causing a giant hurdle to the mass adoption of DeFi.

Millions of people bounce between them, unaware of their security flaws until it’s too late, while also feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the poor user experience.

Web3 wallets are confusing and difficult to use, especially for newcomers, with outdated and insecure technology.…

And despite their massive popularity, current wallet solutions fail to address vital issues that would help users feel confident and safe when buying, sending, and investing in crypto.

Aurox Wallet will change that.

For the past few months, we have been working relentlessly on developing a solution that will bring superior security on top of a massively simplified interface.

Why Aurox Wallet will revolutionize DeFi

Enhanced security

Since crypto is no stranger to fraudsters and their ever-changing tactics, we needed to focus a great deal on how to better protect our users. There are scammers everywhere, and over $100M has been lost in web3 wallet-based hacks and phishing.

We’ve taken lots of additional measures to build a highly secure wallet solution.

Some of the steps include, but are not limited to:

  1. Smart Contract Whitelist. Millions were lost in phishing scams that used fraudulent smart contracts to drain crypto from users when they connected their wallets.
    The Aurox Wallet will have smart contract monitoring to detect whether the smart contract you’re interacting with is a popular protocol, if it’s open source, or if it’s a verified scam.
  2. Phishing page detection. Most new users do not fully understand the usage of private keys and recovery phrases, often pasting them directly into phishing websites.
    With our security features, this will be a thing of the past. Our extension will actively block and prevent users from being able to paste or even type their recovery phrases into any website.
  3. Preventing sending tokens into smart contracts. We’ve seen many users accidentally send 10s of thousands of dollars worth of crypto into smart contract addresses, making them completely irrecoverable. Our wallet will detect if the user accidentally copied the wrong address and warn them before losing their hard-earned crypto.
  4. Safe and simple login & account recovery. Aurox Wallet will essentially mimic the authentication process you’re used to: email and password plus a built-in multi-factor authentication. You’ll be able to set up verification via SMS, Google Auth, Yubi key, or even all of them simultaneously, completely protecting others from ever accessing your wallet.
    Your username and password will then be utilized to encrypt your private key, making it only accessible to you. But don’t worry, your keys are your keys. Our proprietary system is set up to make your private keys completely inaccessible to not only hackers but to even us.

But we didn’t stop there.. Random 12 word recovery is archaic. Imagine trying to explain to your family that if they don’t write down those 12 words, they lose access forever. Does that sound like adoption?

That’s why we’ve made recovery of lost accounts much simpler. Users will be able to set up a series of security questions of their choosing with corresponding answers. Those answers will be the only way to recover the wallet in case you forget your email and password. Again, mimicking what web2.0 users are used to and leading to mass adoption.

Usability & Simplicity

  1. Multi-wallet & multi-chain solution

Unlike other wallets out there, with the Aurox Wallet, you’ll be able to view every chain and every token within one view. No more switching blockchains and networks. Simply send crypto to the address, and you’re done! I bet most DeFi users don’t even know what RPC even is… and they don’t have to!

Plus, Aurox Wallet will display all incoming tokens for every supported chain without asking you to import the tokens into your wallet.

The first iteration of the wallet will support the following blockchains:

  • ETH Mainnet
  • BSC
  • Polygon
  • Fantom
  • Layer 2 blockchains such as Arbitrum and Optimism

Soon, it will also include Bitcoin, Solana, Monero, and others.

2. Keep track of your portfolio

The Aurox Wallet will keep your portfolio balance constantly updated and will allow you to easily check:

  • Token balance
  • Overall portfolio value over time
  • Average cost of entry for an individual token
  • P&L on individual trades and overall portfolio

You’re literally flying blind with the current wallet solutions. The complete inability to monitor the basic portfolio information is downright ridiculous. But no more.

3. Easily access, store and purchase NFTs

Easily browse collections, check prices, rarity, purchase or bid any NFT from Open Sea and LooksRare. Everything for the NFT enthusiast is available at a click of a button.

4. Swap across chains with one click

The core of our ecosystem, the Aurox Protocols, will be powering the wallet to allow the simplest cross-chain trading. No more worrying about what blockchain your tokens are on and figuring out how to bridge them to purchase a different token.

It’s as easy as point, click and swap.

5. Get real-time in-app DEX data

You can access the overall market of every DEX token we support, powered by the data from the Aurox Terminal

The Aurox Wallet will display:

  • Name and Symbol
  • Price, Volume, Percent Change
  • Meta information like description and token holder count
  • Full historical and live chart
  • and much more.

Additionally, the coin page will allow you to:

  • Add the token to favorites
  • Display buttons for in-app swapping and sending
  • View token-related transactions with one tap with transaction tagging for future reference

5. A real Full View for the more experienced traders.

With a click of a button, The Aurox Wallet opens up to display a beautiful and simple “terminal” for advanced users.

Not only do you get the same functionalities as the regular wallet but you also get access to much more such as a full fledged TradingView chart with our proprietary indicators.

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How Aurox Wallet launch will change Aurox

Our wallet will be the centerpiece of the entire Aurox ecosystem and fully integrated into the terminal.

We designed the Aurox wallet to be the very best DEX wallet out there, so we expect millions of people to take notice.

This is why we are expecting massive popularity for Aurox in the next few weeks:

  • Our team will be spending significant budget to promote the waitlist.
  • A huge influx of new users coming from Aurox wallet will meet our ecosystem;
  • More trust from investors and users worldwide;
  • More resources to help us innovate and provide superior software for crypto traders.


  • The alpha version will be released within 30–45 days to a select few Aurox users.
  • The beta version will be released in mid-June to people on our waitlist
  • And finally, the public release will be made available for everyone immediately after we’ve ironed out all the reports and implemented suggestions made by our alpha/beta users.

Win crypto when you refer Aurox Wallet to friends

Win crypto while helping us spread the good news by simply sharing this link with your friends.

Refer one friend and get 1 gas- free trade.

But we’re calling out ambitious people: The 5 people who refer the most people to our waitlist will get rewarded $10k in gas fees when trading through Aurox wallet.

So don’t forget to share the news with your friends and register for updates.

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New: Aurox website and brand direction

New: Aurox website and brand direction

As you all know, the Aurox team has always been ultra-focused on functionality. Every trader has seen a great-looking website that just can’t get the job done. That didn’t sit right with us, so we prioritised function over presentation.

But as Aurox grew, the original website didn’t feel like us anymore. Don’t get us wrong — the Aurox Terminal is still the best all-in-one platform out there. But it was clear to us that the old site had to go.

So we decided to scrape it entirely, and partner with some incredibly talented web designers for a complete revamp.

Today, we’re happy to share that Aurox’s brand new website is ready to meet the world.

We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out — sleek, easy to follow, and just plain cool. This site truly reflects the energy of Aurox Nation.

I think it’s best to get to experience it for yourself, so be sure to check out the new site here.

So, what’s next?

As you know, we’ve been working on a huge marketing campaign with a multi-million dollar budget, which is why our popularity is surging.

More and more traders are coming to our website every single day, and we’re happy to welcome them into our big Aurox Nation family.

Also, 2022 is a major stepping stone for us. We’re getting ready to announce a huge new milestone of Aurox that will help change the crypto world for the better: Making DeFi trading easy for millions of traders.

It’s a huge goal, but let’s be real…it’s exactly what crypto needs.

And we’re just so happy and proud Aurox Nation is by our side, helping us achieve it.