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NFTs, Twitter Prices, Simulation, and More in Aurox Wallet v1.1.0

NFTs, Twitter Prices, Simulation, and More in Aurox Wallet v1.1.0

We told you to buckle up!

This week, we’ll begin with the new Aurox Wallet update. Over and over, we lead with innovation and set the bar for the future of Web3.

Aurox Wallet v1.1.0 was just released and includes some exciting new features, a new token utility as well as improvements to existing functionalities. So let’s walk through the new improvements.

Aurox Token Reward Boost

The first token utility within the Aurox Wallet is now live!

Anyone holding more than 50 Aurox Tokens in their wallet can now receive 1.5x more points than they did previously. To receive the extra bonus, simply hold the Aurox Token inside any of the imported wallets.

You can now level up quicker and faster than non-token holders, and soon, even quicker with gasless swapping.

Simulation for Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism

Security is the top priority of our wallet. We want to protect users across as many chains as possible. That’s why Aurox Wallet now supports simulation for three additional networks!

Check out the simulation below using GMX on Arbitrum.

Twitter Cashtag Prices

Twitter is the voice of the crypto industry. We know that — and we want to make Crypto Twitter even better.

With the Aurox Wallet, you can quickly see the 24-hour percent changes of every major DeFi token!

Simply browse Twitter, and anytime a cashtag appears, the Aurox Wallet will automatically display the percent change without you ever having to go to a new tab. No switching tabs.

And we’re not done.

With the upcoming rollout of the Aurox Wallet’s built-in Terminal, we are extending this feature to allow users to trade with just a couple clicks of their mouse.

Here’s how it works: This functionality is disabled by default. To enable it:

  1. Click “My Aurox” on the bottom tab
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Select General
  4. Enable “Display percent change of tokens on Twitter”

NFT Support For New Chains

Just like simulation, we want Aurox users to have access to all of our unique functionalities across as many chains as possible.

So, in addition to NFTs on Ethereum, we’ve added full NFT support for Polygon, BSC and Avalanche!

Our data-rich backend automatically detects NFTs across the four major blockchains and displays them automatically. Users can view, transfer and monitor their NFTs…. Unlike competitors which couldn’t even display the NFT images… or even worse, not allow you to transfer them 😂.

Using a blockchain outside of the Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon or BSC? Don’t worry; you can still import the contract address manually to see the NFT.

More improvements

There are improvements throughout the new update, such as:

  • Improved network fee calculation
  • Transfer between wallets
  • UX improvements
  • Variety of bug fixes and web3 compatibility fixes.

Download the Aurox Wallet!

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks, Aurox Wallet will implement some key innovative functionalities to make DeFi even easier and smoother than ever before.

From Gasless Swaps to Terminal Mode, we’re excited to unveil new features!

These innovative functionalities will help us market to the current DeFi crowd while onboarding a new and broader audience. The 100s of millions currently using centralized services will be able to easily shift over to the first and only non-custodial product with the simplified user experience of CeFi.

Stay tuned!

Download the Aurox Wallet!