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Aurox To Expand Avalanche support with key Ecosystem Partners

Aurox To Expand Avalanche support with key Ecosystem Partners

It’s been a fast paced month at Aurox, and we’re just getting started.

At the heels of CryptosRUs and Altcoin Daily joining our team, we’re proud and excited to announce our expansion on the Avalanche Blockchain with several integrations of the Ecosystem Partners coming over the next few months.

Aurox currently provides Avalanche users a comprehensive, data rich, simple and safe web3 experience. Soon, Aurox Wallet will provide a completely unique experience for Avalanche users through its built-in decentralized and locally hosted Terminal.

This integration will allow us to fast-track the adoption of our Wallet and increase adoption of the Avalanche platform, while also opening up doors for further collaboration with Avalanche Ecosystem Partners.

We believe there are several key things that make Avalanche and our integration special:

High performance: Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. This means that Avalanche is able to process transactions much faster than other blockchain networks, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who need to move large amounts of data or value quickly and securely.

Scalability: Thanks to Avalanche Subnets, the platform is designed to be infinitely scalable, meaning that it can handle large volumes of transactions without slowing down or becoming congested.

Security: Avalanche is also known for its strong security features. The platform uses advanced cryptography and consensus algorithms to ensure that all transactions are final, secure and tamper-proof. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who need to store and transfer sensitive data with confidence.

Avalanche is a leading name in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency — and from now on, an Aurox preferred platform.

Over the next few months, we’ll be working closely on Avalanche support and debuting our Aurox Wallet Full View with one of the most prominent protocols to provide a completely unique DeFi trading experience.

Stay tuned, Aurox Nation!

If you haven’t checked Aurox Wallet yet, here’s a link to download the desktop Chrome extension.


Aurox Joins Forces with Altcoin Daily: A Monumental Partnership To Intensify Grow

Aurox Joins Forces with Altcoin Daily: A Monumental Partnership To Intensify Grow

Over the past several months, we’ve laid the groundwork to expand our user base and community. Today, marks the cornerstone of our plan to onboarding millions of users to our platform.

We are excited to announce that Aurox has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the most consequential content creators and personalities in crypto, Altcoin Daily!

Austin and Aaron Arnold have nurtured and created the Altcoin Daily brand over years by creating incredible, engaging, and educational content which reaches millions of crypto enthusiasts worldwide. With their help, we shine a bright light on Aurox and why every single crypto user should be using the Aurox Ecosystem.

The Brothers

Altcoin Daily is a widely acclaimed YouTube channel known for its informative and insightful content related to cryptocurrency. With millions of viewers worldwide, Altcoin Daily has become a trusted source for news and market insights. The channel’s unique approach to presenting complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner has made it a favorite among crypto enthusiasts who seek reliable and up-to-date information about the dynamic world of digital assets.

We were lucky enough to meet Aaron and Arnold in person during the DCENTRAL conference. This meeting and the following conversations helped us see the commonality in our visions for the future of finance. It is what sparked our partnership, and we couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible duo join our team.

The Partnership

By leveraging each other’s strengths, we will create new opportunities and provide unparalleled value to the crypto communities worldwide.

Aurox will benefit from the extensive reach and influence of the Altcoin Daily brand, enabling us to expand our user base, protect more users via the Aurox Wallet and accelerate the adoption of decentralized finance.

In the coming years, both Aurox and Altcoin Daily will work together on several joint initiatives aimed at educating and empowering crypto enthusiasts. Through our partnership, we will show the world why users should ditch their clunky Yahoo-era wallets, why they should accelerate their trading through the Aurox Terminal, and why they should join one of the most cohesive communities in crypto.

A Bright Future Ahead

The partnership between Aurox and Altcoin Daily signifies a new chapter in the evolution of Aurox. Or rather, the evolution of DeFi.

We believe that this collaboration will help bridge the gap between centralized services and decentralization. With their help, we can help the crypto world understand the power of self-custody and DeFi through our easy-to-use, safe, and powerful solutions.

Aurox Nation… The bottom line is this.

We’re growing. We will continue to grow. The Aurox Bull will run through the competition until we are a dominant force in the industry.. And we couldn’t be more excited to have Austin and Aaron be part of our journey.

There’s more to come, so be ready, Aurox Nation!


We’re All George. CryptosRUs To Accelerate Aurox’s Growth

We’re All George. CryptosRUs To Accelerate Aurox’s Growth

We are thrilled to announce that George Tung, known to the crypto community as CryptosRUs, has joined Aurox as an advisor!

As we embark on an ambitious journey to revolutionize the DeFi landscape, George will be an incredible addition to our team and help propel us to new heights, bolster our user base and pave the way for a successful year ahead.

You’re George. We’re All George

For those unfamiliar with CryptosRUs, he is a widely respected thought leader and expert in crypto, boasting an impressive track record of engaging cryptocurrency insights.

George’s honest and insightful educational videos attract hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide every week. It’s no wonder that CryptosRUs is one of the most watched and influential content creators in the industry.

George built the CryptosRUs brand into the juggernaut it is today in one of the quickest growth cycles we’ve ever seen. That’s the exact experience we’re excited to have on our team to help take Aurox to the next level.

The Beginning

Some of you have probably discovered the Aurox Terminal from our previous engagements with George. He was among the first to review the Aurox Terminal and deliver a massive influx of new users in 2020. We were impressed, to say the least. Not only because of his reach and ability to drive users to our platform but because of how well we worked together.

This year, we began forming a stronger, closer working relationship, which has now progressed with him taking a pivotal role on our team.

The Future

Starting today, George will be heavily involved with Aurox — helping formulate marketing strategies, leading outreach new users and introducing the Aurox ecosystem to essential businesses or individuals.

George’s vast experience and extensive network in the crypto community will be invaluable as we continue to grow. His unique insights into the market and deep understanding of user needs will help us optimize our marketing efforts and tailor our platform to the evolving demands of the crypto trading landscape. With his help, we expect to significantly boost our growth and continue to establish Aurox as a dominant force in the industry.

The Bottom Line

As Aurox continues to innovate and grow, this is the exact kind of partnership that will help usher in a new era of success for our platform and reach the wider crypto community.

In simple terms, George will help grow Aurox… and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on our team.

Join us in welcoming George and his brand CryptosRUs to Aurox Nation.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and developments as we embark on this game-changing journey together.

>> Follow CryptosRUs on Youtube | Download Aurox Wallet <<


Security Lightning Rod YTCracker Joins Aurox

Security Lightning Rod YTCracker Joins Aurox

All of us know that cyber and crypto security threats are real. But we aren’t sitting on the sidelines. We are beefing up our security team with a new advisor, Bryce Case, Jr. — known to the underground tech community as YTCracker and a self-described “computer security lightning rod.”

Case has been raising security threats for more than two decades, “devoting himself to the “Dark Arts of Computing.” Today, Case leads a team of AppSec + OffSec engineers and whitehat hackers at Amazon.

During the earlier days of the internet, Case was able to compromise multiple corporate and U.S. Government websites, including Honda and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Not to do harm, but to alert security problems so that their systems could be strengthened.

Case has always been at the forefront of the digital age, creating one of the first forums dedicated to monetizing the internet, Digital Gangster.

Digital Gangster has an infamous past, but at its core, it was composed of tight knit individuals utilizing the internet to generate money. Including the early adoption of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin.

Through Digital Gangster, Case became very well connected and respected in the tech community. He’s going to lend his name and rolodex to help make new introductions that will drive the terminal and ecosystem forward.

But even more important, he is going to test and stress the Aurox terminal and identify any potential security flaws he finds. He’ll also recommend and help implement good security practices moving forward.

Welcome to the team, OG.


Steve Lehr Joins Aurox Nation To Help Grow Development and Aurox

Steve Lehr Joins Aurox Nation To Help Grow Development and Aurox

Official Announcement: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/aurox-names-founder-of-ringlead-and-technology-expert-steve-lehr-as-chief-software-advisor-2021-11-17-11152525

The Aurox Team has one more incredible new member, Steve Lehr! Steve will be joining our team as the chief software advisor, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Steve’s background is impressive, to say the least.

As a Silicon Valley native, he’s worked closely with companies like Google and SalesForce. Using his experience from working with these giants, he founded RingLead.

Steve’s drive for leading developers and creating companies has allowed him to grow RingLead to an 8 figure a year business. RingLead pioneered the Salesforce partner validation process and relationship. So it’s no wonder that RingLead was recently acquired by a behemoth of a corporation called ZoomInfo.

We’re so excited to receive help from such a driven, entrepreneurial, and knowledgeable person to speed up our company and development.

But we’re not the only ones excited. Steve is too. Within just a few days of him coming on board, he wanted to make it official… By buying a blue URUS.. and no, I’m not talking about our token. The Lamborghini Urus.

Aurox Nation, let’s welcome Steve to our community. With his help, Aurox will grow to unprecedented levels and accomplish our goals: To become the de facto trading terminal for crypto.


New Partnership, New Tool for Traders: Aurox Partners With Gelato

New Partnership, New Tool for Traders: Aurox Partners With Gelato

We have a core belief at Aurox: if we take care of our community of traders, they will take care of us. That’s why today, in a new partnership with Gelato Network, we are proud to now offer Aurox Nation a new, powerful tool: smart contracts with full-fledged limit ordering for QuickSwap… & PancakeSwap Coming Soon.

It may sound a bit technical, but it’s a simple, powerful addition that will give Aurox traders a huge advantage. The Gelato Network will execute your limit orders automatically across QuickSwap — regardless of the coin and how large or small the liquidity it has.

Simply put, it’s a major expansion of the Aurox platform. Right now, we offer DEX limit ordering, but the functionality only goes so far. There has to be “takers” for the order to execute. And if there are no “takers” for low liquidity tokens, the orders never get executed. That’s a lose-lose.

Gelato’s smart contract functionality will be seamless and automatic. If you’re looking for a limit order on a coin, our platform will automatically find a taker and help execute the trade.

It’s also another major bump for effort to expand the number of traders using our platform. Gelato is going to help market and promote us to their 15,000+ telegram users and 28,000 twitter followers. And all of this comes on top of CoinMarketCap Earn’s selection of Aurox for their trusted and emerging projects series.

Stay tuned!


Reeve Benaron Joins Aurox Nation To Accelerate Growth, & Marketing

Reeve Benaron Joins Aurox Nation To Accelerate Growth, & Marketing

Official Announcement: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/aurox-names-reeve-benaron-lead-advisor-for-strategic-development-2021-10-13-13152110

We are excited to announce that Taras, Ziga, and I have named Reeve Benaron as our lead advisor and board member for strategic development.

Reeve is a rock star and an amazing addition to Aurox Nation. He spent a decade working at the hyper-aggressive investment bank Salomon Brothers. Bringing traditional finance chops to the table is fantastic, but we really love Reeve because he’s an entrepreneur. In fact, he has founded a series of start-ups in the emerging ad tech space and successfully built them to be hundred-million dollar enterprises.

We are thrilled to add his financial experience, his entrepreneurial mindset, and, most of all, his passion to our team.

Reeve is not someone who sits on the sidelines. He is ready to dive in and invest his time and talent in helping take the Aurox platform to the next growth stage. In his new advisory role, Reeve is going to lead in a couple of critical areas:

  • Attract New Investment: Reeve will leverage his decades working as an investment banker to help Aurox expand its connections within the financial industry. That’s not only going to introduce our company and platform to new audiences, but help us bring new investment to the table.
  • Drive Aggressive Marketing: As an entrepreneur, Reeve founded AudienceX, an ad-tech company that specializes in helping companies grow their business. It’s a perfect fit for our focus on expanding Aurox’s reach.
  • Expand Powerful Partnerships: You may or may not know Salomon Brothers, but the fact is, people don’t succeed there unless they know how to get deals done and make money. Reeve will do the same thing for Aurox — bring critical partners together and strike deals that will propel Aurox forward.

Aurox already has a strong — and growing — community of traders. With your help, we smashed through our goal of securing 50,000 registered users. We are committed to investing in the Aurox Terminal, the most powerful, easy-to-use trading platform on the market.


Aurox And QuickSwap Are Official Partners

Aurox And QuickSwap Are Official Partners

Official Announcement: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/aurox-quickswap-partnership-offers-decentralized-020900500.html

Huge Milestone

Today is the moment where the Aurox Terminal starts to evolve from just a terminal into a full-fledged trading system with order routing.

We’ve solidified a significant partnership with QuickSwap, the largest decentralized exchange on Polygon. QuickSwap has paved the way for swapping tokens on the Polygon chain, and in doing so, they’ve amassed a staggering $700 million dollars in Total Value Locked.

As part of our partnership, Aurox has officially integrated QuickSwap coins into our terminal, and soon, users will be able to freely trade and monitor them.

Major Liquidity Source

QuickSwap will also function as one of the main DEX liquidity sources for Aurox Trade. The significance of unleashing QuickSwap’s Total Value Locked for Aurox Trade cannot be understated. The partnership with QuickSwap will allow Aurox Trade users to tap into this vast liquidity, on top of our other liquidity sources, to purchase tokens at the lowest available price while also utilizing margin capabilities.

One of the core functions of Aurox Trade is aggregating CEX and DEX liquidity sources in order to execute trades for the user with the lowest possible slippage and price. Aurox’s partnership with QuickSwap is a major step in making this a reality.

Working directly with the QuickSwap team, Aurox will expand its development and marketing. We’ll be working very closely with their team to bring our vision of Aurox to fruition, while also delivering more volume and users to their smart contracts.