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New Partnership, New Tool for Traders: Aurox Partners With Gelato

New Partnership, New Tool for Traders: Aurox Partners With Gelato

We have a core belief at Aurox: if we take care of our community of traders, they will take care of us. That’s why today, in a new partnership with Gelato Network, we are proud to now offer Aurox Nation a new, powerful tool: smart contracts with full-fledged limit ordering for QuickSwap… & PancakeSwap Coming Soon.

It may sound a bit technical, but it’s a simple, powerful addition that will give Aurox traders a huge advantage. The Gelato Network will execute your limit orders automatically across QuickSwap — regardless of the coin and how large or small the liquidity it has.

Simply put, it’s a major expansion of the Aurox platform. Right now, we offer DEX limit ordering, but the functionality only goes so far. There has to be “takers” for the order to execute. And if there are no “takers” for low liquidity tokens, the orders never get executed. That’s a lose-lose.

Gelato’s smart contract functionality will be seamless and automatic. If you’re looking for a limit order on a coin, our platform will automatically find a taker and help execute the trade.

It’s also another major bump for effort to expand the number of traders using our platform. Gelato is going to help market and promote us to their 15,000+ telegram users and 28,000 twitter followers. And all of this comes on top of CoinMarketCap Earn’s selection of Aurox for their trusted and emerging projects series.

Stay tuned!