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An Update on The Aurox Token and Our Relationship with Kucoin

We find ourselves at a pivotal moment, one that necessitates a transparent dialogue about recent changes concerning the Aurox Token. Our commitment to you has always been to provide a secure, efficient, and transparent platform.

Today, we continue that commitment by sharing some important updates.

The Decision to Chart a New Course

Approximately eight months ago, we came across odd on-chain behavior. The behavior looked like your run-of-the-mill arbitrage, but these transactions seemed odd because of low volumes and lack of volatility in the crypto industry,

We investigated deeper and even attempted to counteract the transactions. We wanted to prevent these transactions from happening while also gathering more evidence.

In the end, we weren't able to confirm the full scope of our hypothesis due to certain limitations, but we were able to verify that certain contractual obligations were not fulfilled.

When we presented the evidence to KuCoin, they did confirm our findings. Apparently, miscommunication with their internal team led to the mistake. They did try to rectify the situation but only partially.

Although we felt the issue wasn't fully resolved, the transactions had stopped, and it made more sense for our company to focus on much more significant items on our plate.

However, soon after, we were notified by our users that KuCoin had frozen deposits and withdrawals. We were never notified by any such issues by KuCoin.

Even after contacting Kucoin, the issue remained unresolved for months with no end in sight. We were not told when the deposits or withdrawals would be re-enabled, or were we told the exact reason.

These two problems led us to a difficult but necessary decision: to request the delisting of the Aurox token from KuCoin. This move is designed to protect our brand integrity and, above all, the interests of our valued users.

The Road to Delisting – A Journey Lacking Signposts

We initiated the delisting process over a month ago, expecting a transparent and collaborative dialogue. Unfortunately, our experience was quite the opposite. Despite numerous attempts to gain clarity on the process, our questions often went unanswered or were met with vague responses.

Our goal was to write this very article before the token delisting, provide information as to why the Aurox Token was delisting, and allow our community to ask questions.

The lack of communication culminated in an unexpected turn of events: the sudden delisting of the Aurox token, which caught us and our community off guard. In fact, this very post had to be written after we discovered the token was delisted via a social media post instead of being notified directly and prior to the scheduled delisting.

What Lies Ahead – A Future Focused on Transparency and User Experience

As we move forward, our focus remains steadfast on enhancing the Aurox token and the functionalities it offers. We're also shifting our attention towards collaborations with entities in more regulated regions like North America and Europe. This strategic pivot is not just a reactive measure but a proactive step based on our long-term vision.

While the immediate implications of our recent decisions may not be entirely clear, we assure you that this is a significant positive development for our company. Stay tuned in the coming months for a follow-up article that will provide a fuller picture of the situation.


We understand that change can be unsettling, but we want to assure you that every decision we make is with the best interests of our community in mind. Our commitment to transparency, security, and user experience remains unshaken.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate these new horizons. Keep an eye on our updates for more detailed information and exciting announcements about what's next for the Aurox Token and our broader ecosystem.


Aurox Successfully Completes Reg CF and Continues Path Towards Public Listing

Aurox Successfully Completes Reg CF and Continues Path Towards Public Listing

The Path

Nearly a year ago, Aurox set a big, ambitious goal: become a public company on a national stock exchange.

The time between then and now has been rocky, to say the least. Luna crashed. Celsius imploded. And FTX was accused of committing widespread fraud. None of this includes the persistent hacks on crypto traders and believers.

We believe now — as we knew then — that the only way for crypto to progress was to achieve more trust, transparency, and accountability. That’s the only way we can wash away the stain left by these fraudsters and scammers.

And so, over the past year, we explored many options to accomplish our goal. One option stood out to us the most because it allowed our community to participate in our growth and become part of our company.

The Reg CF

Last Summer, Aurox began putting plans in place to launch a Reg CF investment round. For us, it wasn’t about helping Wall Street big shots. It was about creating an opportunity for anyone who believed in our company and DeFi as the next growth area for crypto.

In January, we launched our Reg CF, and today we are proud to announce the official closing of the Reg CF round, with nearly 400 users investing approximately $310,000!

Thank you!

This is a massive moment for our company and our community. Why? Because 400 individual investors isn’t just a number. It is one of the requirements for a company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Combined with our existing shareholders, the new investors helped check another box in our effort to become one of the first nationally publicly traded DeFi software companies.

To The New Shareholders

Although the round was closed for new investors, the official closing occurred late last week. Aurox can now reach out to provide you with more information about the next steps.

There’s still a lot of work left regarding this round, but we will be in touch to provide you with information about your shares, access to the investor update portal, shipping out swag, and various other remaining tasks.

Please make sure to keep an eye out for our emails!

Thank you for taking part in this round, and thank you for helping us reach our goal! We are thrilled to get to work.


Aurox Reg CF Investment Round Is Now Live!

Aurox Reg CF Investment Round Is Now Live!

Today, we are launching a Reg CF investment round. This is your opportunity to own a piece of Aurox. By investing, you can benefit from crypto’s next growth area — bringing DeFi to the masses.

Remember — this investment opportunity isn’t just for Wall Street big shots. It’s for everyone. And that’s the point. We want you to benefit from DeFi’s growth.

I know you probably have some questions.

What are we doing?

We are offering everyone, including Aurox Nation, an opportunity to own a part of Aurox at the forefront of the DeFi movement. Our campaign is launched under Regulation CF, which permits companies like Aurox to raise capital from the public through an SEC-registered intermediary like tZERO Markets.

To learn more and participate, go to: tZERO.com.

Our powerful Aurox ecosystem has caused a stir in the industry and we’re gaining momentum globally. But instead of just offering the investment to insiders and accredited investors, we are offering it to all US-based investors (additional information below for non-US residents).

Why is Aurox doing an investment round?

A lot of companies raise money privately from an exclusive group of accredited insiders. But Aurox is different. We invested our own money to build Aurox. And we wanted to give all qualified investors — not just accredited investors — the opportunity to own a part of Aurox and benefit from the DeFi revolution.

What does investing mean?

First, investing is always up to you. Go to tZERO.com to read all of the information and decide what’s best for you. But if you decide to invest, then you’ll own a part of Aurox and benefit from the next growth area in crypto — bringing DeFi to the masses.

As a special thanks for individuals who invest, we are offering a series of exclusive Aurox items:

  • All investors — a limited-edition gold Aurox hat signed by Giorgi himself
  • $500 — a limited-edition platinum Aurox hat signed by Giorgi and exclusive “Aurox OG” T-shirt
  • $1,000 — a full swag package
  • $10,000 — an invite to a private Founders’ cocktail hour
  • $25,000 — an invite to a private Founder’s cocktail hour with travel expenses paid

What about non-USA residents?

International regulations forces us to individually explore the legal framework of each country on whether or not we can offer investment in that region.

As you can imagine, this process is complex, costly and time-consuming. We want to support as many regions as possible but only if there is interest from investors from a specific country.

We have created the following survey to explore the interest level of investors outside the United States. Please take the survey and we will follow up with you.

Survey: https://forms.gle/P9ipRp7q1m8LYVKh9

Who is tZERO?

Founded in 2014, tZERO’s mission has been to democratize access to capital markets by establishing more efficient, accessible, and transparent marketplaces. They work with companies to create innovative solutions and products for primary raises, recapitalizations, and secondary trading.

Why choose tZERO?

Just like Aurox, they see the potential for the blockchain to change the financial industry. tZERO has paved the way for tokenized securities, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2022, NYSE parent company ICE, became a significant minority investor in tZERO, alongside Medici Ventures fund, Overstock, and others.

We share a similar vision and path, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them.

What happens next?

Go to tZERO.com now and explore your opportunity to own a piece of Aurox.

We’re excited to offer this opportunity and hope you’ll join us in our mission. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Investor Notice

Crowdfunded securities are generally offered by early-stage companies and investors should be prepared to lose some or all of their investment. Investors should read all of the risks and disclosures prior to making any investment decisions.

Future transactions and results are impossible to predict. Opinions and estimates offered in this presentation constitute our judgment and are subject to change without notice, as are statements about market trends, which are based on current market conditions. This presentation may include forward-looking statements that represent opinions, estimates, projections and forecasts, which may not be realized. These forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, which may cause actual results to be materially different from those contemplated by the forward-looking statements. We believe the information provided herein is reliable, as of the date hereof. Therefore, the recipient of this document is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The recipient is further cautioned that the Company does not expect to update or otherwise revise this document.

Securities are offered through tZERO Markets, LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC. Neither tZERO Markets, LLC, nor any of its affiliates provide any investment advice or make any investment recommendations to any persons, ever, and no communication through herein or in any other medium should be construed as such. Investments in early-stage companies are speculative, involve a high degree of risk, are generally illiquid, and can be different from traditional markets. You should be prepared to lose some or all of your investment. Crowdfunding may not be appropriate for every investor. Any discussion of liquidity is purely speculative. Offers to sell, or the solicitations of offers to buy any security can only be made through official offering documents that contain important information about risks, fees and expenses. Investors should conduct their own due diligence, and are encouraged to consult with a financial professional. Past performance is not indicative of future results. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns, outperform a non-diversified portfolio, or prevent against loss.


New: Aurox website and brand direction

New: Aurox website and brand direction

As you all know, the Aurox team has always been ultra-focused on functionality. Every trader has seen a great-looking website that just can’t get the job done. That didn’t sit right with us, so we prioritised function over presentation.

But as Aurox grew, the original website didn’t feel like us anymore. Don’t get us wrong — the Aurox Terminal is still the best all-in-one platform out there. But it was clear to us that the old site had to go.

So we decided to scrape it entirely, and partner with some incredibly talented web designers for a complete revamp.

Today, we’re happy to share that Aurox’s brand new website is ready to meet the world.

We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out — sleek, easy to follow, and just plain cool. This site truly reflects the energy of Aurox Nation.

I think it’s best to get to experience it for yourself, so be sure to check out the new site here.

So, what’s next?

As you know, we’ve been working on a huge marketing campaign with a multi-million dollar budget, which is why our popularity is surging.

More and more traders are coming to our website every single day, and we’re happy to welcome them into our big Aurox Nation family.

Also, 2022 is a major stepping stone for us. We’re getting ready to announce a huge new milestone of Aurox that will help change the crypto world for the better: Making DeFi trading easy for millions of traders.

It’s a huge goal, but let’s be real…it’s exactly what crypto needs.

And we’re just so happy and proud Aurox Nation is by our side, helping us achieve it.


Aurox Closes $5 Million Strategic Investment Round as Step Toward Going Public in 2022

Aurox Closes $5 Million Strategic Investment Round as Step Toward Going Public in 2022

Blockworks Article: https://blockworks.co/crypto-trading-platform-takes-first-outside-money-in-advance-of-public-offering/

Aurox is excited to announce our first-ever investment into our company. This is a significant step to our path to becoming a dominating force in crypto, specifically DeFi.

Over the past few years, our company has turned down investment offers, choosing to be self-funded to nurture growth until the right moment. But now, it’s time to accelerate that growth, pour gas on the fire, and take our users from 60,000 to millions.

With this investment, our company will have the ability to grow our development team, scale up marketing, and deliver products that will revolutionize DeFi.

It will also help our company accomplish our vision of being one, if not the only, DeFi based company on a major stock exchange.

The Deal

We’ve always cared about our community, choosing to turn down offers because we know just how much the retail can suffer in the hands of institutional investors. Everyone has seen projects ruined after institutions dump their entire supply of tokens usually structured in the investment deal.

It took a while to get to this point, but this investment aligns perfectly with our company ethos: no tokens sold and no control lost.

Instead, this round was composed of individuals who have been supporting our company in multiple ways. They’re as bullish on us as Aurox Nation. They are part of Aurox Nation.

This $5M strategic round is full of investors who will help grow our company in multiple ways. They will help fast-track our goal to become public this year and support us in the aftermarkets. Several of the investors will tap into their vast network to help market our product line.

For example, one of the investors, RB Capital, has helped public companies take their bad debt, restructure them and turn them into successful businesses. Here is what they had to say about us:

Brett Rosen and Deborah Braun of RB Capital stated, “We’re extremely excited to be part of the first investment round into Aurox. What they have accomplished by self-funding the entire company is nothing short of extraordinary. The dedicated following they have already amassed is very impressive and will lend itself well to their organic growth strategy. Helping them bring DeFi to the public markets will completely change the crypto industry.”

What This Means To Aurox Nation

We’ve had to manage our business by self-funding it. The positive of that is creating and managing a very lean company. Learning and figuring out where the money is best appropriated.

Now, our company can tap into our funding to grow, but at the same time, we have the experience to make sure not a single dollar is wasted.

Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing significant new additions to our products. Scaling up our development and marketing to levels we haven’t done before. Our goal is to make Aurox the fastest-growing company in crypto.

We had an explosive 1,100% growth in 2021, even with a limited budget. This year we’ll beat that.

Aurox Nation is about to get a whole lot larger, I hope you’re ready for it.


Aurox Sets Sights For Explosive Growth In 2022 By Engaging With Clay

Aurox Sets Sights For Explosive Growth In 2022 By Engaging With Clay

We want Aurox to be a dominant company in crypto before the end of the year. Aurox Nation to grow to a community large enough to dwarf everyone else. To achieve that, every part of our company is getting a significant upgrade.

We spent years creating the terminal’s unique functionalities, and now it’s time to wrap them in a beautiful and unique user interface.

Creating A Simple Yet Powerful Interface

We’re excited to announce that we have engaged with the most respected and experienced UX design firm in the world — Clay. Over the next few months, they will work closely with our development team and completely overhaul the Aurox terminal’s user interface. They will expand what makes our platform great and design an easy, intuitive experience that traders will love.

These guys are experts at crafting beautiful platforms. From Google and Amazon to Facebook, Clay has worked hand-to-hand with Fortune 100 companies to design human-focused digital products. Think about it: when crypto exchange Coinbase needed to improve their mobile UX and UI design, who did they turn to? Clay.

And the timing is perfect. As you know, Aurox has taken steps to go public later in 2022.

That will mean a significant new capital injection and a new national marketing campaign.

As we invest millions in introducing Aurox to a broader audience, the Aurox terminal will be ready for its close-up. Just like you, new members of Aurox Nation will love the experience of using the Aurox terminal.

Welcome to the team Clay.


Aurox Takes Steps To Become A Public Company

Aurox Takes Steps To Become A Public Company


Aurox Nation, we told you we had some big news to share. We weren’t kidding. We are proud to announce today that we are exploring pathways to become a publicly-traded company later in 2022.

This step will mean a major new injection of capital, new national marketing campaigns and growth opportunities, and new accountability and transparency standards.

Simply put, going public will allow us to invest in our platform like never before and significantly grow our community of dedicated crypto traders.

Exploration — Going Public

In 2021, we made the commitment to Aurox Nation that we would raise capital and drive growth with a significant national marketing campaign. As part of that capital raising process, we received an incredibly strong response from private investment firms that were willing to invest in our future.

But it’s just not us. Aurox Nation knows what normally happens here: crypto companies sell tokens privately in order to raise the capital they need to grow. Then the private investors dump the tokens. The community is destroyed in the process.

That’s not why we built Aurox. It’s not what we want or who we are.

We are taking a different path, a public path. The public markets can provide everything we need and want: significant liquidity for growth, new accountability and transparency, and — most important — public participation from Aurox Nation.

Several months ago, we signed a leading crypto law firm to present how and when Aurox could go public. They have provided our leadership team with detailed roadmaps for a series of options, including: a SPAC, reverse merger, a spin off, among others. Some advisors have recommended that we try to get listed on the NASDAQ given its historical connection to tech and software companies.

While we cannot announce details just yet, we are in the late stages of finalizing these plans and deciding what’s best for Aurox’s continued growth, investment and expansion.

Aurox To Lead Crypto, Not Follow

This would be a serious and exciting step. Aurox would become one of the first crypto software companies to go public. There have been some crypto mining companies that have taken this step. But virtually no DeFi company like Aurox has gone public.

It would immediately put our leading crypto trading terminal on the radar of investors and traders across the globe — an incredible opportunity for growth and leadership in the crypto space.

Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Campaign

Aurox Nation already knows that our terminal is the most powerful, easiest-to-use crypto trading platform on the market. Now we are ready to tell the world.

With this step, we will lead a multi-million dollar marketing campaign to introduce our all-in-one crypto trading terminal to the mainstream audience. We are only at the beginning of crypto. Think about it: just four years ago, there were only 11 million people worldwide who were actively trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Today, there are more than 200 million active traders. It is without a doubt one of the fastest growing and growing industries in the world.

Aurox stands ready to be the platform for the next, larger audience of crypto traders.

Accountability Not Seen in Crypto

We created Aurox to develop an all-in-one crypto-trading platform for traders and by traders. All of you know the barriers on other crypto platforms: costly, fragmented information, inflated volumes, and pump-and-dump scams. We saw VCs getting wealthy on pre-sales while the community of traders were left holding the empty bag.

Unlike privately-held companies, Aurox — our information, volumes, stats, and prices — will be regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. That adds a layer of accountability that virtually no other crypto platform can claim.

We are proud of that.

Why Go Public?

Going public allows us to balance two key priorities: giving us the capital we need to invest in and grow our community while continuing to put Aurox Nation first.

With Aurox, we wanted to build something different. We believed that if we did right by crypto traders, they would do right by us. By going public, Aurox doubles down on that core belief. Now we can access major liquidity in the public markets, invest in our platform and growth, and allow Aurox Nation to participate — all at the same time.

2022 and Beyond

Together with all of you, we have been building toward this moment. We know this is just the beginning. There’s a lot of hard work ahead of us. But we can’t wait to get started.

There’s more to this, and we can’t wait to share every detail with you very soon.


Putting Decentralized Finance In The Pocket Of Millions

Putting Decentralized Finance In The Pocket Of Millions

DeFi Has a Problem

In 2017, over 11 million people worldwide were actively trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. It was this initial spark that would soon explode into over a 200 million active users by 2021. It is without a doubt one of the fastest growing and growing industries in the world. Growth we haven’t seen since the mass adoption of the internet.

Just like the internet, the initial products and utilities being developed currently have focused on building the blocks necessary for future mass adoption. Companies are creating incredible smart contracts to help crypto enthusiast manage their funds, earn yields, and transact in a truly decentralized manner.

But these products are mainly being adopted only by users who are tech inclined, and well versed in the field. There is an obvious gap between majority of crypto users, and users who understand DeFi. Unless this gap is bridged, it can be detrimental to the mass adoption of the most unique aspects of crypto…

Even though there are over a 200 million crypto traders worldwide, less than 2% have utilized services like Uniswap, Compound, and other decentralized smart contracts.

Total DeFi Users Over Time

The problems are obvious. At the core of it is the severely lacking user experience in DeFi. These were some of the same problems plaguing non-DeFi crypto in the early days.

  • Fiat to Crypto on-ramps were almost nonexistent.
  • Fees ate into majority of your investment.
  • Exchanges spent more time on listing tokens and cashing checks, than on ease of use.
  • Local wallet storage led to massive losses to investors from HD crashes, data wipes, etc..
  • And much more.

But companies, such as Coinbase, made investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other original tokens as easy as clicking one button. Instead of reinventing the wheel, they simply bridged the gap by making experience user friendly.

Coinbase From 2013

But CeFi Also Has A Problem

Major cryptocurrency hacks from 2014–2019

Over the past several years, we’ve seen billion of dollars lost by centralized authorities to hackers. Centralized exchanges will always be a prime target for hackers, and with rapidly expanding codebases, it’s extremely difficult for them to prevent a variety of attacks.

Not just that, but without proper regulatory bodies and audits, these companies have free rein on using your funds to create over-leveraged markets. Theoretically, a company could possess just $5 in liquid funds but allow trading of millions of dollars because there is 0 accountability.

To give you an example, when a user leverages an order, they are essentially borrowing funds from other users on the platform. But do those funds actually exist? The centralized exchange could simply update a few 1s and 0s on the backend and allow margin trading even though they are completely illiquid.

The same exact situation has happened even in the traditional financial systems where banks loaned out capital without any safety nets against bank runs. Leading to collapses of the entire financial systems as seen during the infamous Black Tuesday of 1929.

This is where decentralization is supposed to shine. It’s supposed to prevent these scenarios by taking away control from centralized authorities and allowing users control over their funds. Creating markets that are always liquid. Not your keys, not your money.

Unfortunately, CeFi in crypto is a necessity right now because of the poor user experience of current decentralized systems.

But it’s obvious to see why DeFi has a higher potential. YOU control your destiny. The tokens are on YOUR computer or phone. If you so choose to, you could even destroy the tokens permanently.

DeFi allows you to interact directly with decentralized applications from your computer. There is no centralized authority to control your funds. Unlike centralized finance, you always own your funds. Even in the worst case scenario and a company’s website goes down, your funds are always safe on the blockchain.

It is by far the biggest positive of crypto, and the core concept for Bitcoin’s inception. It is one of the main reasons people purchased Bitcoin when it was worth less than a dollar. Centralized services are in essence the opposite of what crypto stands for.

But again, centralized service are much easier to use. Much easier than DeFi…. But not for long.

Fixing DeFi Using CeFi UX

Until 2019, the entire crypto field was rife with speculation and zero utility. Tokens pumping and dumping strictly on promises and without platforms. But decentralized finance has changed the game. Companies are now creating incredible products and utilizing smart contracts in unique ways to solve major issues in global finance.

But, being such a young field, DeFi comes with many problems. Problems that prevent mass public adoption and usage. If you’re one of the 4 million people who have utilized DeFi, you’ve probably experienced these issues:

  • Expensive fees
  • Failed transactions
  • Honeypot tokens
  • Head spinning amount of blockchains and DEXes requiring bridges
  • Hacking and phishing scams
  • etc..

Chances are, at some point, you’ve introduced your friends or family to crypto, probably people who don’t have the same tech understanding as you. And yet, it was very easy for them to sign up and invest using FTX, Binance, Coinbase or variety of other simple to use centralized exchanges.

But now, imagine having to explain wallets, gas fees, failed transactions, DEXes, smart contracts, multi-chains, and every other issue plaguing DeFi. It would be a never-ending conversation of frustration devolving into throwing your computer at the wall.

Unfortunately, fixing these issues aren’t an easy task but it can be done. Aurox will be making it a priority this year to make DeFi simple… Starting with Aurox Mobile.

Introducing Aurox Mobile — DeFi For The Masses

In 2022, Aurox Mobile will deliver DeFi in the hands of 200 million cryptocurrency users with a simple, and intuitive design.

Our goal with the mobile application is to offset all the problems with DeFi to our own backend. The end user will be given a simple UI they’re familiar with to invest, trade, and take part in DeFi protocols with minimal effort.

Let’s breakdown just some of the ways Aurox Mobile will solve the problems plaguing DeFi.

All Major Compatible Chains Supported

Aurox Mobile will allow you to track and trade every single chain in existence. The first roll out of the application will include every EVM chain with non-EVM chains coming soon after the initial release.

But it’s not just that we’ll support all major chains, the user will be able to transact across the chains without having to even pay attention to which chain their funds are available on. More on this later.

Fiat On-Ramp/Off-Ramp

There are thousands of tokens available on decentralized exchanges, yet there is no easy way to purchase them. You’re forced to go to a centralized exchange, purchase stable coins, transfer it to a wallet, and then finally be able to purchase the token.

With Aurox Mobile, that’s a thing of the past. Simply link your debit card or bank, pick any token and buy directly using Fiat.

No More Gas

Every single one of you have experienced this issue. Going to Uniswap to purchase a token using a stable coin, only to realize you have no ETH to pay the gas fee. Then having to purchase ETH, send the ETH to your wallet and end up paying an additional $50 to $100 just to use your stable coin to execute a swap.

Is the current DeFi solutions ready for mainstream audience? Absolutely not.

With Aurox Mobile, you will no longer have to worry about keeping ETH, Matic or any other blockchain based token in your wallet to transact. Easily swap USDC to URUS with a click of a button.

Our solution to this problem will be unlike others. There’s already been progress made by other companies to eliminate this issue, but they’re heavily limited. Trust us, we explored every single option out there and none of them were truly “gas-free”. Every single current solution either has limitations on tokens supported, or requires at least some initial ETH to transact.

Aurox Mobile will have a complete gas-free experience. No user will ever require ETH, Matic, or any other blockchain token to transact.

Eliminating Failed Transactions

Failed transactions can’t happen. Period. If Aurox Mobile is to be utilized by even your parents, failed transactions are not acceptable. There’s several ways Aurox will be tackling this issue.

  1. Optimizing the slippage and gas limits to significantly reduce any failures.
  2. Utilizing MEV protection within the order routing contracts.
  3. In the very rare cases where the transaction fails anyways, the contract will immediately replace the order and pay for the network costs using our own funds.

Again, failed transactions are unacceptable. It’s impossible to explain to someone who has relied on centralized exchanges as to why their transaction didn’t go through and they lost money just for attempting it. The average crypto user isn’t aware that the blockchain can reject transactions, and we’ll keep it that way.

In the very rare cases when transactions still fail, our company is willing to use our own funds to replace the order and pay for the network fees ourselves. Think of it as an insurance policy. Retaining as many users as possible will require some monetary sacrifices on our end, but in the end, we’ll create a dedicated, long term and happy customer base.

Cross-Chain Trading

Another major problem with usability is having to explain bridges and multiple blockchains to non-DeFi users. It is the BIGGEST problem in DeFi and there’s multiple companies working on a multitude of different solutions to this problem.

Our solution is simple, the user will be able to select any token, on any chain, and use it to purchase any other token. On top of that, our routing contracts will automatically route to the cheapest available chain.

1 ETH = 1 ETH. Independent on which major chain the Ethereum is located on.

Therefore, when the user purchases ETH, our smart routing protocol will determine the cheapest chain for the user. Not only will it save the user significant fees, it will also find the cheapest priced ETH across all the networks.

Think of it as a blockchain aggregator.

This is by far the most powerful functionality and it will completely eliminate the need for the user to pay attention to blockchains. With cross-chain aggregation, the frontend UI will look and feel like the centralized exchanges they’re used to.

Accomplishing this goal requires significant development. It’s been under development for months, and we’re getting closer to accomplishing it. We’re hoping to release this function along with the MVP, but it’s possible we’ll be forced to release Aurox Mobile first without this function, and then quickly add it behind the scenes.

Simple and Easy to Use UI

We’ve created an UI that makes it simple to transact on DEXes. The application, smart contract and the backend will handle everything else for the user.

You’ll be able to view:

  • A simple chart (or a full fledged TradingView chart with Aurox Indicators)
  • Meta information such as website, social media, project info, etc..
  • Quick stats such as holders, market cap, liquidity, etc..
  • News

But even more so, you’ll be able to quickly search through curated lists of tokens via our tag system. For example, the tag system will allow you to filter coins based on:

  • Newly listed
  • Trending
  • High volumes
  • Fast holder increase
  • Protocol categories
  • etc.

The goal of our simplified UI is to cut out all the mess of dealing with DEXes and allow you to search, tap, and invest in your favorite tokens.

When Release

We’ve been actively developing the smart contracts and the mobile application for the past few months now. We’re expecting the beta release within the next few months. The beta will be invite only for our current users, and will help us iron out any kinks.

Aurox has always taken a stance to avoid setting exact deadlines because it leads to either disappointment or being forced to release a buggy product. As you may know, development can be unpredictable, everyone has seen time and time again that delays can happen.

However, we are actively hiring aggressively to release the application before the end of this quarter. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we’ll be on strict deadline to release the product as soon as possible.

Tying It Into Aurox Terminal

All the functionalities discussed above will also be available within the terminal, but at a later date.

Our terminal is going through a major UX redesign to accommodate these functionalities as well as much more. Once the UX has been significantly improved, these same contracts will be integrated into the terminal.

Stay Tuned

This is just a glimpse of what’s the come within the Aurox ecosystem. There are significantly more functionalities coming for both the Mobile application and the Terminal. We’ve been extremely broad discussing some of the functions above on purpose, and we have a lot more surprises in store!

We’re just scratching the surface.


Aurox Acquires Largest, Fastest Growing Ethereum Facebook Group

Aurox Acquires Largest, Fastest Growing Ethereum Facebook Group

Three months ago, we made a commitment to Aurox Nation: invest in our marketing efforts and drive attention to — and users of — our all-in-one crypto trading platform.

We are continuing to honor that commitment today with the announcement that Aurox has partnered up with our attorney, Gordon Law, to acquire the Ethereum Facebook Group — the original and the largest Facebook crypto community.

The Ethereum Facebook Group is a community — like all of you — of dedicated crypto enthusiasts. The numbers speak for themselves: 500,000 active members and thousands of new joining the group each and every week. What’s more, Ethereum is here to stay, and as the token grows, so will this group.

That means we now own one of the largest, most active, fastest growing cryptocurrency communities on the market. Beginning immediately, we will introduce the Aurox Terminal to this active community and their engaged members.

Ultimately, this group is going to help us increase revenue and help Aurox grow to unprecedented levels — both through new advertising opportunities and partnerships.

So, if you’re not a member, we hope you’ll join.