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Aurox Sets Sights For Explosive Growth In 2022 By Engaging With Clay

Aurox Sets Sights For Explosive Growth In 2022 By Engaging With Clay

We want Aurox to be a dominant company in crypto before the end of the year. Aurox Nation to grow to a community large enough to dwarf everyone else. To achieve that, every part of our company is getting a significant upgrade.

We spent years creating the terminal’s unique functionalities, and now it’s time to wrap them in a beautiful and unique user interface.

Creating A Simple Yet Powerful Interface

We’re excited to announce that we have engaged with the most respected and experienced UX design firm in the world — Clay. Over the next few months, they will work closely with our development team and completely overhaul the Aurox terminal’s user interface. They will expand what makes our platform great and design an easy, intuitive experience that traders will love.

These guys are experts at crafting beautiful platforms. From Google and Amazon to Facebook, Clay has worked hand-to-hand with Fortune 100 companies to design human-focused digital products. Think about it: when crypto exchange Coinbase needed to improve their mobile UX and UI design, who did they turn to? Clay.

And the timing is perfect. As you know, Aurox has taken steps to go public later in 2022.

That will mean a significant new capital injection and a new national marketing campaign.

As we invest millions in introducing Aurox to a broader audience, the Aurox terminal will be ready for its close-up. Just like you, new members of Aurox Nation will love the experience of using the Aurox terminal.

Welcome to the team Clay.