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Security Lightning Rod YTCracker Joins Aurox

Security Lightning Rod YTCracker Joins Aurox

All of us know that cyber and crypto security threats are real. But we aren’t sitting on the sidelines. We are beefing up our security team with a new advisor, Bryce Case, Jr. — known to the underground tech community as YTCracker and a self-described “computer security lightning rod.”

Case has been raising security threats for more than two decades, “devoting himself to the “Dark Arts of Computing.” Today, Case leads a team of AppSec + OffSec engineers and whitehat hackers at Amazon.

During the earlier days of the internet, Case was able to compromise multiple corporate and U.S. Government websites, including Honda and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Not to do harm, but to alert security problems so that their systems could be strengthened.

Case has always been at the forefront of the digital age, creating one of the first forums dedicated to monetizing the internet, Digital Gangster.

Digital Gangster has an infamous past, but at its core, it was composed of tight knit individuals utilizing the internet to generate money. Including the early adoption of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin.

Through Digital Gangster, Case became very well connected and respected in the tech community. He’s going to lend his name and rolodex to help make new introductions that will drive the terminal and ecosystem forward.

But even more important, he is going to test and stress the Aurox terminal and identify any potential security flaws he finds. He’ll also recommend and help implement good security practices moving forward.

Welcome to the team, OG.