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Aurox And QuickSwap Are Official Partners

Aurox And QuickSwap Are Official Partners

Official Announcement: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/aurox-quickswap-partnership-offers-decentralized-020900500.html

Huge Milestone

Today is the moment where the Aurox Terminal starts to evolve from just a terminal into a full-fledged trading system with order routing.

We’ve solidified a significant partnership with QuickSwap, the largest decentralized exchange on Polygon. QuickSwap has paved the way for swapping tokens on the Polygon chain, and in doing so, they’ve amassed a staggering $700 million dollars in Total Value Locked.

As part of our partnership, Aurox has officially integrated QuickSwap coins into our terminal, and soon, users will be able to freely trade and monitor them.

Major Liquidity Source

QuickSwap will also function as one of the main DEX liquidity sources for Aurox Trade. The significance of unleashing QuickSwap’s Total Value Locked for Aurox Trade cannot be understated. The partnership with QuickSwap will allow Aurox Trade users to tap into this vast liquidity, on top of our other liquidity sources, to purchase tokens at the lowest available price while also utilizing margin capabilities.

One of the core functions of Aurox Trade is aggregating CEX and DEX liquidity sources in order to execute trades for the user with the lowest possible slippage and price. Aurox’s partnership with QuickSwap is a major step in making this a reality.

Working directly with the QuickSwap team, Aurox will expand its development and marketing. We’ll be working very closely with their team to bring our vision of Aurox to fruition, while also delivering more volume and users to their smart contracts.