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Aurox Wallet Launch Update & Announcing Giveaway Winners

Aurox Wallet Launch Update & Announcing Giveaway Winners

We were completely blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response for Aurox Wallet.

Based on the incredible number of people on our waitlist, we’re expecting a huge surge in registrations once the wallet is launched to the public.

This just goes to show that crypto needs a safer & seamless wallet solution designed to accelerate profits.

But all things must come to an end as we close down our giveaway.

Now that it’s closed, the top 5 waitlist referrers will cash in big.

When Aurox Wallet officially launches, the winners will each receive gas rebates for every transaction made on the wallet, up to $10,000 total.

If you’re one of the lucky winners, we will reach out to you via email shortly.

So when will Aurox Wallet be released?

You know us, we never give a deadline until we know all the details.

In June and July we performed the Alpha testing, and we are set to begin Beta testing.

The beta testing version of the platform is approximately 95% of the final release version. Therefore, the transition from Beta to public release will be extremely quick.

So while we can’t give an official date yet, Aurox Wallet will be released very soon.

But that’s not all.

You see, the Aurox Wallet launch has a special surprise for all of you.

We’re the only Web3 wallet offering this secret feature

Aurox Wallet has a secret feature that will only become public at its official launch.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise…

But we can tell you this:

No other web3 wallet in existence has ever pulled off a feature like this before.

And we’re confident all Aurox Wallet users will find our new feature…

Very rewarding :)

Aurox Wallet sets out to make trading easier, and more profitable for everyone, no matter the user’s experience with crypto, market knowledge, or technical literacy.

Because crypto is supposed to give everyone the opportunity to become financially independent.

And we want Aurox Wallet to lead the crypto revolution, and make the entire industry live up to its promises…

One secret, profitable feature at a time.

So, what can you do now?

Join our upcoming Twitter Spaces to learn more about the upcoming product:


Aurox Wallet has some big goals to reach.

We’ve taken on a much bigger responsibility than lots of other companies in our industry:

To change the face of DeFi for the better.

We’re working very hard to launch the wallet soon, but realistically we’ll only do it when we know the wallet’s perfect.

Because it’s what Aurox Nation deserves.

Not only that, but because Aurox Wallet’s functions and capabilities are miles ahead from current hot wallet solutions…

We expect a considerable wave of new people rooting for the Aurox ecosystem.

We heard the market’s need for:

  • Enhanced security features
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • A convenient way to monitor portfolio

And we’re ready to deliver.

We know many of you are excited to use Aurox Wallet for the first time.

We’re excited too.

Because it will change decentralized finance, forever.