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Meet Aurox Wallet Extension: The Safest & Easiest Way to Trade and Swap all your favorite DEX tokens

Meet Aurox Wallet Extension: The Safest & Easiest Way to Trade and Swap all your favorite DEX tokens

As a lot of you know, our big vision here at Aurox is to make DeFi easy for millions of people.

We couldn’t limit ourselves to just innovating our terminal to achieve this.

While in mid-development of our mobile application, we realized there was significant demand for something else... Something that would be much easier and quicker for us to release. We already had the resources, designs and code to get it done quickly and make it better than anything else on the market.

This is why we’re proud to announce the opening of the waitlist for our web3 browser extension wallet:

The Aurox Wallet

The Aurox Wallet is designed to be more secure and user-friendly than any other wallet you’ve used before. Also, it will be compatible with all browsers (including Tor) and hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, and Gridplus.

Our first beta release will be this quarter, and we highly recommend registering here to receive fresh updates and a front seat.

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Why millions of users need Aurox Wallet

The cryptosphere is dominated by just a couple of DEX wallets with some serious flaws, which are causing a giant hurdle to the mass adoption of DeFi.

Millions of people bounce between them, unaware of their security flaws until it’s too late, while also feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the poor user experience.

Web3 wallets are confusing and difficult to use, especially for newcomers, with outdated and insecure technology.…

And despite their massive popularity, current wallet solutions fail to address vital issues that would help users feel confident and safe when buying, sending, and investing in crypto.

Aurox Wallet will change that.

For the past few months, we have been working relentlessly on developing a solution that will bring superior security on top of a massively simplified interface.

Why Aurox Wallet will revolutionize DeFi

Enhanced security

Since crypto is no stranger to fraudsters and their ever-changing tactics, we needed to focus a great deal on how to better protect our users. There are scammers everywhere, and over $100M has been lost in web3 wallet-based hacks and phishing.

We’ve taken lots of additional measures to build a highly secure wallet solution.

Some of the steps include, but are not limited to:

  1. Smart Contract Whitelist. Millions were lost in phishing scams that used fraudulent smart contracts to drain crypto from users when they connected their wallets.
    The Aurox Wallet will have smart contract monitoring to detect whether the smart contract you’re interacting with is a popular protocol, if it’s open source, or if it’s a verified scam.
  2. Phishing page detection. Most new users do not fully understand the usage of private keys and recovery phrases, often pasting them directly into phishing websites.
    With our security features, this will be a thing of the past. Our extension will actively block and prevent users from being able to paste or even type their recovery phrases into any website.
  3. Preventing sending tokens into smart contracts. We’ve seen many users accidentally send 10s of thousands of dollars worth of crypto into smart contract addresses, making them completely irrecoverable. Our wallet will detect if the user accidentally copied the wrong address and warn them before losing their hard-earned crypto.
  4. Safe and simple login & account recovery. Aurox Wallet will essentially mimic the authentication process you’re used to: email and password plus a built-in multi-factor authentication. You’ll be able to set up verification via SMS, Google Auth, Yubi key, or even all of them simultaneously, completely protecting others from ever accessing your wallet.
    Your username and password will then be utilized to encrypt your private key, making it only accessible to you. But don’t worry, your keys are your keys. Our proprietary system is set up to make your private keys completely inaccessible to not only hackers but to even us.

But we didn’t stop there.. Random 12 word recovery is archaic. Imagine trying to explain to your family that if they don’t write down those 12 words, they lose access forever. Does that sound like adoption?

That’s why we’ve made recovery of lost accounts much simpler. Users will be able to set up a series of security questions of their choosing with corresponding answers. Those answers will be the only way to recover the wallet in case you forget your email and password. Again, mimicking what web2.0 users are used to and leading to mass adoption.

Usability & Simplicity

  1. Multi-wallet & multi-chain solution

Unlike other wallets out there, with the Aurox Wallet, you’ll be able to view every chain and every token within one view. No more switching blockchains and networks. Simply send crypto to the address, and you’re done! I bet most DeFi users don’t even know what RPC even is… and they don’t have to!

Plus, Aurox Wallet will display all incoming tokens for every supported chain without asking you to import the tokens into your wallet.

The first iteration of the wallet will support the following blockchains:

  • ETH Mainnet
  • BSC
  • Polygon
  • Fantom
  • Layer 2 blockchains such as Arbitrum and Optimism

Soon, it will also include Bitcoin, Solana, Monero, and others.

2. Keep track of your portfolio

The Aurox Wallet will keep your portfolio balance constantly updated and will allow you to easily check:

  • Token balance
  • Overall portfolio value over time
  • Average cost of entry for an individual token
  • P&L on individual trades and overall portfolio

You’re literally flying blind with the current wallet solutions. The complete inability to monitor the basic portfolio information is downright ridiculous. But no more.

3. Easily access, store and purchase NFTs

Easily browse collections, check prices, rarity, purchase or bid any NFT from Open Sea and LooksRare. Everything for the NFT enthusiast is available at a click of a button.

4. Swap across chains with one click

The core of our ecosystem, the Aurox Protocols, will be powering the wallet to allow the simplest cross-chain trading. No more worrying about what blockchain your tokens are on and figuring out how to bridge them to purchase a different token.

It’s as easy as point, click and swap.

5. Get real-time in-app DEX data

You can access the overall market of every DEX token we support, powered by the data from the Aurox Terminal

The Aurox Wallet will display:

  • Name and Symbol
  • Price, Volume, Percent Change
  • Meta information like description and token holder count
  • Full historical and live chart
  • and much more.

Additionally, the coin page will allow you to:

  • Add the token to favorites
  • Display buttons for in-app swapping and sending
  • View token-related transactions with one tap with transaction tagging for future reference

5. A real Full View for the more experienced traders.

With a click of a button, The Aurox Wallet opens up to display a beautiful and simple “terminal” for advanced users.

Not only do you get the same functionalities as the regular wallet but you also get access to much more such as a full fledged TradingView chart with our proprietary indicators.

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How Aurox Wallet launch will change Aurox

Our wallet will be the centerpiece of the entire Aurox ecosystem and fully integrated into the terminal.

We designed the Aurox wallet to be the very best DEX wallet out there, so we expect millions of people to take notice.

This is why we are expecting massive popularity for Aurox in the next few weeks:

  • Our team will be spending significant budget to promote the waitlist.
  • A huge influx of new users coming from Aurox wallet will meet our ecosystem;
  • More trust from investors and users worldwide;
  • More resources to help us innovate and provide superior software for crypto traders.


  • The alpha version will be released within 30–45 days to a select few Aurox users.
  • The beta version will be released in mid-June to people on our waitlist
  • And finally, the public release will be made available for everyone immediately after we’ve ironed out all the reports and implemented suggestions made by our alpha/beta users.

Win crypto when you refer Aurox Wallet to friends

Win crypto while helping us spread the good news by simply sharing this link with your friends.

Refer one friend and get 1 gas- free trade.

But we’re calling out ambitious people: The 5 people who refer the most people to our waitlist will get rewarded $10k in gas fees when trading through Aurox wallet.

So don’t forget to share the news with your friends and register for updates.

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